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Going, going, GONE!!!!!!!


We’re lining up our credit cards and knocking them out one at a time!

First up – Capital One

Next – Wells Fargo

And finally, I present to you….my Bank of America credit card account:



Current balance = ZERO, Baby!!!! Wooo!!!!

We are officially credit card debt-free!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Cue the Pharrell song, Happy, along with a little “raising the roof” dance! I’m cool that way. Feel free to join in ; )








    • Reply Ashley |

      Thanks! I should’ve mentioned it in the post, but I think I’m going to still plan to follow the plan I wrote about here (https://www.bloggingawaydebt.com/2014/05/ashleys-new-plan-of-action/), only I’ve decided to swap #2 and #3. #1 was BoA, so that’s knocked out. #2 was an 8.5% student loan and #3 was an 8.25% student loan (comparable amounts…approx $5,000 each). The reason I decided to swap them is that #3 is one of the rare loans that is NOT in deferment so I’m currently paying toward it every month anyway. So if I can knock it out, then I’ll be able to snowball that payment toward the next loan (whereas, if I focused on #2 next I’d still have to continue making monthly payments toward #3 anyway). Hope that makes sense. I do plan to do a big debt update next week so I’ll be sure to lay it all out in that post.

  • Reply Den |

    Awesome!!!! If I’m doing the math right, you’ve paid off over $10,000 since March – holy cow! That’s simply incredible – great job!

    What’s next? The car loan? If you keep this up, you could have that sucker gone by the end of the year…..amazing!

    • Reply Ashley |

      Thanks! I know, I can hardly believe it myself! I wish I could knock out the car loan, but with my school loan deferments ending relatively soon I don’t want to get stuck in a situation where I can’t make minimum payments (the car is $400/month and when the deferment ends those payments will be approx $1,000/month in addition to our medical and license fee debts). So my plan is to try to knock out some of the smaller loan amounts so I can lower the total monthly payment. I’m hoping to knock out 2 smaller school loans + the license fee debt by February (when deferment ends). Then I’ll have to make those minimum payments and can start paying extra on the car.

  • Reply TPol |

    Great job! Sooooooo happy for you! Your frugal creativity in your previous post is also inspiring.

  • Reply Sarah |

    You are totally amazing, Ashley! You have such laser focus on this debt. I am in awe. I bet it feels sooooo good to say farewell to your credit cards!

  • Reply Mrs H |

    Yay Ashley this is why I read, I just love hearing how you are smashing your debt. Accountability is what makes you blog and look what it has made you achieve. Many many congrats

  • Reply Jabef |

    That is awesome! I paid off the last of my credit card & line of credit debt at the end of last month (almost $25K total cc & loc debt paid off in 10 months). And while it was a relief, sadly my cc & loc debt were just a mere drop in the bucket of my $151K debt total (mainly student loans). So I still have a VERY long way to go. But, like you, I’m determined to reduce my debt as quickly as possible while blogging about my journey!


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