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Free Gas


Remember when I told you guys about how I Save On Groceries?  Well today I wanted to show you what it is like.  I spent a total of $45.00 during the month to get this deal.  Giant Receipt

Now granted about $15 of this was used on things I really didn’t need.

But the question remains… Would you spend $45 to save $111?


  • Reply Angie |

    That’s great! Yes, I would spend $45 to get $110 but ONLY if it was tracked well. Otherwise, its just screwing up your consistency. If I was to do this exact thing I would then put 2 separate line items in my budget.
    1- $65 to gas/fuel category as an expense (to account for the savings) and tag the $45 transaction as a gas expense.
    2- $110 income to count towards my loan snowflake. as an income.

    Then I am still tracking the cost of the gas I am actually using in my budget. AND properly applying my savings to my goal. Otherwise, you are masking some of your gas expenses with grocery/shopping expenses. So you have no real idea how much you are actually consuming in each category… Since gas is a business expense, I’m also wondering how all this comingling of expenses affects your taxes…

    If this $60 savings just gets lost in the shuffle and doesn’t go towards debt repayment or your emergency fund then it is like nothing happened! Organization and detailed bookkeeping could work wonders in your situation!

  • Reply Jim |

    Oooh this is a great idea. I didn’t do this, and I know for a fact that my gas budget is a little bonky this month. I probably can fix this up before posting up my budget next week.

    As for the gas, this is the first year of the vehicle and I have to choose how I want to deduct it. But what I plan to do is make the vehicle a benefit and have the business pay for the vehicle and expenses. Last year all I took was the mileage deduction and that alone was tremendous.

    Thank you for this comment. I was trying to get information on how to do a budget when I first reported the three months of where my money went. I think I should start really looking into how to budget better.

  • Reply A |

    I’m all about saving, but hubby has taught me to be careful and make sure i’m really savings. I have to drive father to get to Kroger w/ the gas deal like yours. But I end up spending more on groceries at that stores compared to Aldi & Walmart. So I have to figure everything in before just assuming I’m saving, because sometimes I’m not.

    • Reply Jim |

      I have three of these grocery stores within ten minutes of me. I do have to go to the farthest one to get the gas, but it is also the nicest one that is stocked the most. And I will be the first to admit, that some of these items I really didn’t need. It came to about $15. But I will still take that number to save more than double. 🙂

  • Reply Mysti |

    We have the same store (ok, the sister store here in the northeast) so the same gas deal. You got 30 gal of gas. The deal is supposed to be for 1 car, up to a max of 30 gal. Did you actually follow this, or did you fill up more than one car. Or do you really have a car that has a 30 gal tank?

    Because most cars have a tank that is half that size….which means if you filled one car at 15 gal, it would be $55 of gas. So then you spent $45 to save $55.

  • Reply Jim |

    In our store it says “Discount valid for up to 30 gallons max. in one transaction.”

So, what do you think ?