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Eating From The Pantry


This summer we are trying to have fun without breaking the bank. Yes, we added a line for the summer for Summer Fun, but $150 doesn’t get that far. Just one day at the amusement park can rake you that very amount. One way we are hoping to come up with new money is by […]

Jim’s June 2014 Budget


Woohoo! I was able to get a hold of the laptop and get the info off that I needed! Income Wife’s Disability Income: $1476.00 Jim’s Business Income: $1746.90 Jim’s Passive Income: $104.00 Total: $3326.90 Personal Budgeted Actual Difference Percentage of Income Auto &Transport $487.97 $858.34 -$370.37 25.80% Personal Loan $119.77 $119.77 $0 3.60% Credit Card […]