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This is what happens when I don’t plan…and when I make excuses


I  had to go out of town for business on Thursday and came home yesterday.  I had a Pampered Chef party at 7 pm and planned ahead and packed all of the supplies I needed for the show.  I really keep it simple so the packing wasn’t a huge ordeal.  I knew I would be tight on time with a 2.5 hour drive back home.  I took only a suit and some bad work out clothes with me on this overnight trip.  I managed to get everything I needed for PC but failed to pack something to wear to the event!  I had zero time to come back home and get to the party on time so…I did a bad thing…I stopped and bought something comfortable to wear!  I hit San Antonio and pulled into the first Marshall’s I saw–although that makes it sound like it wasn’t premeditated.  It was very premeditated.  I mapped out the first clothing store I could find on google.  Sigh.  I ran in and within about 10 minutes I managed to spend $75.  Just like that–total impulse shopping that was the result of poor planning.

I had about an hour left on the road after the shop stop to get to my party.  Thankfully there was a LOT of traffic and I had a LOT of time to think.  I thought about the fact that I would be just fine in my suit, minus the coat, as I talked to these gals about food.  I talk to juries about all sorts of random things while wearing a suit.  Two more hours in a suit in front of 10 women was not going to kill me.  But boy did I want out of those work clothes!  I sucked it up though and left the clothing with the tags on in the car.  As of this afternoon they have been returned.

Yes, that’s progress I suppose.  I didn’t keep the items.  Too bad I had to go through the craziness of the stop and then the stress of the thought process though.  I hope one day to be strong always but I am human after all.

The PC real food thing is still going pretty well.  I bring in at least a two hundred dollars each month and all of my friends are still speaking to me.  🙂  I don’t nag for parties but do keep the product in their thinking with just simple emails and texts letting them know when I order.  All very non-threatening and I find it helps for both friends and strangers to know that I am an attorney who is not making my sole income from this venture. It puts everyone at ease I’ve noticed.  I encourage people to make their wish list and then contact me as they budget for the purchase.  Yes, I am now preaching what I practice.  Two of the gals at the party last night paid in cash which prompted me to discuss what a great habit that was to practice.  I never want to be party to someone getting into debt for cooking products!


  • Reply emmi |

    Shew! You returned them. It sounded like what a pub drinker calls “breaking open the seal” (the first trip to the bathroom, that seems to inspire the need for many more frequent trips . . .)

  • Reply Cathy C. |

    That took some serious willpower to just return the clothes! You have definitely changed your thinking and your lifestyle.

    I’m glad you mentioned the PC endeavor and how much you’re earning. $200 a month is what I hear a lot of my friends make who do direct sales. At least, those who approach it like you do as a little extra income without losing friends and totally pissing off family. I have a few fb friends who constantly post about their direct sales business, try to guilt you into hosting a party, buying, etc. It reaches a point of disgusting behavior. Especially, when they jump from company to company and you know they don’t truly believe in the product they’re hawking. There are only a select few direct sales companies that I believe offer a quality product at a reasonable price and I respect those who sell their products. PC happens to be one of them:)

    • Reply Claire |

      I was not happy about the decision to return to the clothes. I knew it was the right decision but I was irritated that I couldn’t just “not worry” about 75 bucks. I know I did the right thing but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t annoy me to have to do it!

      I love Pampered Chef products and while a little extra income is certainly part of why I did it, so was the fact that I can earn more product! This goes back to my obsession with kitchen gadgets! It also helps that inner shopping addict without spending any of my regular income. Actually that has probably been the bigger benefit thus far. I get to shop the catalog and for free or way, way cheap.

  • Reply Holly |

    Way to go Claire! I hope you gave yourself a big pat on the back after the return!

    • Reply Claire |

      Meh. I was irritated as I said in a comment already. Yes it was the right thing to do but I still don’t like it!

  • Reply Meghan |

    I think the coolest thing is that you realized the stress of buying the clothes and returning them wasn’t worth it. I sometimes slip up too – it happens. Happy weekend!

  • Reply scarr |

    great job Claire! I hate to admit it, but I think if I were in the same situation, I would have kept the clothes. I would have found a reason to keep them – somehting like I deserve a reward, or it’s only $75 and I can cut that out of another part of the budget. Great job staying strong, it’s so encouraging!

    • Reply Claire |

      Thank you scarr! You’ll see in my other comments I’m not jumping up and down at my accomplishment here…but it was the best choice.

  • Reply margot |

    What a mature and self-aware thing to do. Proud of you! You’ll be much happier with no debt than you will be with randomly purchased discount clothing. And whenever you do buy clothing, I’m guessing you’ll find better stuff for $75 than you found in your 10 minute frantic search.

    It’s also interesting to see you understand and analyze your excuse-making process, which so many of us use. Americans almost never actually “need” anything, yet we find so many false excuses/justifications for spending money.

    • Reply Claire |

      Frantic is right Margot and I want you to know that while you are a complete stranger to me your no nonsense, blunt comments come to mind in these moments! I’ve shared that before but it needs to be shared again! As I see people overconsuming on stuff I always think “Margot would not be pleased!” 🙂

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