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This is what happens when I don’t plan…and when I make excuses


I  had to go out of town for business on Thursday and came home yesterday.  I had a Pampered Chef party at 7 pm and planned ahead and packed all of the supplies I needed for the show.  I really keep it simple so the packing wasn’t a huge ordeal.  I knew I would be tight on time with a 2.5 hour drive back home.  I took only a suit and some bad work out clothes with me on this overnight trip.  I managed to get everything I needed for PC but failed to pack something to wear to the event!  I had zero time to come back home and get to the party on time so…I did a bad thing…I stopped and bought something comfortable to wear!  I hit San Antonio and pulled into the first Marshall’s I saw–although that makes it sound like it wasn’t premeditated.  It was very premeditated.  I mapped out the first clothing store I could find on google.  Sigh.  I ran in and within about 10 minutes I managed to spend $75.  Just like that–total impulse shopping that was the result of poor planning.

I had about an hour left on the road after the shop stop to get to my party.  Thankfully there was a LOT of traffic and I had a LOT of time to think.  I thought about the fact that I would be just fine in my suit, minus the coat, as I talked to these gals about food.  I talk to juries about all sorts of random things while wearing a suit.  Two more hours in a suit in front of 10 women was not going to kill me.  But boy did I want out of those work clothes!  I sucked it up though and left the clothing with the tags on in the car.  As of this afternoon they have been returned.

Yes, that’s progress I suppose.  I didn’t keep the items.  Too bad I had to go through the craziness of the stop and then the stress of the thought process though.  I hope one day to be strong always but I am human after all.

The PC real food thing is still going pretty well.  I bring in at least a two hundred dollars each month and all of my friends are still speaking to me.  🙂  I don’t nag for parties but do keep the product in their thinking with just simple emails and texts letting them know when I order.  All very non-threatening and I find it helps for both friends and strangers to know that I am an attorney who is not making my sole income from this venture. It puts everyone at ease I’ve noticed.  I encourage people to make their wish list and then contact me as they budget for the purchase.  Yes, I am now preaching what I practice.  Two of the gals at the party last night paid in cash which prompted me to discuss what a great habit that was to practice.  I never want to be party to someone getting into debt for cooking products!