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No bonus, small raise


But I am NOT complaining!  I really had no expectation of either given that I was promoted to Senior Trial Counsel last year and got an 8% raise and a $6,000 bonus.  Isn’t that the way it usually goes?  At my company merit raises are given out based upon your performance within your group.  As a brand new Senior Trial Attorney I am competing against a lot of lawyers that have a lot more experience than I do AND since they’ve been in the position longer their case load is such that they likely have more trials of major cases than I do right now.  That is going to change this year with two major cases on the horizon that I do anticipate going to a jury.  One is a fatality and the other a severe injury.  This is the first year I haven’t received a bonus but I did get a 2% merit raise and $9,000 worth of stock options and I have a great job!  No sour grapes here.  Others in the office that were eligible for bonuses didn’t receive one either.  No time to spend moaning and groaning!  I am on track for the stupid IRS debt and that 2% raise gives me back the payroll deduction amount I lost at the beginning of the year.  I am seeing a lot less in  my monthly paychecks with all of the adjustments but I am still on track.  That is because of SERIOUS planning and THINKING about every purchase I make.  It’s also because I no longer have a reluctant spouse to drag along on the road to financial peace!!  I do worry that suddenly I am going to fall off the wagon and wake up and have a new high end luxury car in my driveway–or some other insane purchase.  Not because I want or even think about a luxury car or any other major purchase but just like an alcoholic envisioning waking up in an alley!   It’s all about keeping things in my conscience thinking and this blog helps with that tremendously.

My church is offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University beginning in early March.  $100.  I am thinking about making that investment.


  • Reply Angella |

    I’d recommend saving your $100 on the Dave Ramsey course. It’s all common sense stuff. I was so excited to purchase his course and was sorely disappointed in the books and software. All the information given is available for free online. Google his baby steps and you’ll get exactly what he’s teaching. 🙂 Congrats on the raise!

  • Reply Phaedra |

    I disagree. I think you would love the course. It gives you an opportunity to work with other people and I think you would love that!

  • Reply Claire in CA, USA |

    I’m with the “take the course” crowd. We did FPU a few years ago, and if I had a spouse who would participate, it would be GREAT! We do have a monthly budget and know our shortfall (we have an income problem, not a spending problem), but the husband is reluctant to actually work the program. You have the ideal situation: No husband/baggage to drag along. Do it!

    Also, my bff had taken the course several years before we did, and helped me (a math-challeneged person) compile the budget. It does help to have people you can consult on all that.

  • Reply Stacey |

    I vote Take the Course. I listen to Dave every day and I think it will help you in your journey.

  • Reply Meghan |

    Woot woot! 2% is a heck of a lot better than a kick in the teeth! Then next year’s raise is on top of this 2%. Compounding is our friend!

  • Reply Janelle C. |

    I’m also one who votes to take the course! FPU is awesome and will give you another layer of accountability.

  • Reply Adam |

    Take the course!!! You’ll enjoy it. And you’ll meet others on the journey. And my prediction is you’ll find some people there who can attend a real food workshop and it will pay for itself

  • Reply Abgurl |

    I agree with Angella- you don’t need Ramsey’s course ( and why help to keep him a millionaire?- I find it so ironic that he is making big bucks off of the very people who need their money the most! & who only need to search the net to find all the tools to get them on their way) when you are clearly demonstrating that you have ALL the knowledge/tools already how to slay the debt dragon and ultimately be at “financial peace” ( and you have all of us to help you along:)) Claire you are doing great-just keep doing what you are doing

  • Reply Steve S |


    Take the course. There is so much wise counsel in this and it is Biblically based. Do it!!!!

  • Reply Erika W. |

    For Pete’s sake don’t take the course, you are an intelligent woman and shouldn’t even consider throwing away $100 like this.

  • Reply Jen from Boston |

    In some respects, a raise is better than a bonus since a raise is permanent (barring pay cuts or layoffs). Where I work the rumor is that there will be bonuses but no raises :/ That would make this the second year in a row without a raise, and this year’s bonus will be less than last year’s. A bit concerning since no raises and smaller bonuses are a reflection of the company’s finances, but it’s MUCH better than pay cuts!!!!! And I am already well-compensated with great benefits. In terms of meeting my needs and having a little bit to play with, I have no complaints 🙂

  • Reply Ang |

    Take the course! Yes, it is mostly common sense, but it changed our lives! It is nice to have those week to really focus on things and since it is through your church group support is good too! I have NEVER regretted taking it!

  • Reply Debt-free Dan |

    I have taken FPU and taught it once as well. I recommend you take it. I agree that it will give you some accountability. I also believe that you may be able to share your missteps with others. It’s true that some of what you already know will be covered, but you will get some additional background and explanation about those things that you may not have.

  • Reply Denise @ My House, My Rules |

    You don’t need the Dave Ramsey course BUT I think you might benefit from taking it since it will connect you with a group of people facing similar financial challenges. You don’t need the knowledge, but support from others is always a bonus! Congrats on your raise. 2% is a great amount in this current economy.

  • Reply Hannah |

    I’m a little biased because I’m a Dave Ramsey fan;
    take the FPU class!

    I know you’ve got your eye on the prize with getting out of debt, yes you’re intelligent, have set your own goals and yes Dave is already rich and probably doesn’t need another dime but still!

    It’s a slippery slope and I think you’ll benefit from the repetition and hearing common sense out loud once a week 🙂

    I plan on buying the home study kit after I’m done with my emergency fund as a present to myself, it’s $159 has all the DVD’s, so you can have it forever and show your chil’rens/friends.

  • Reply emmi |

    if you are in debt and can learn free on the internet how to take the next step, there is no reason to give anyone any money to help you along. That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

  • Reply Alexandria |

    I am not a DR follower, but I think the FPU course could be beneficial. I somehow think you would get far more out of the class than the $100 you put into it. {That said – don’t listen to the investment advice – it is TERRIBLE!}

    I think the benefits would be primarily meeting other people in your shoes. & like someone else said, being able to share your own experience to help others.

    I’d maybe feel different if it was more expensive. But $100? Meh.

      • Reply Debt-Free Dan |

        I’d like to hear Alexandria and Hannah’s view on what they don’t like about Dave’s investment advice and what they suggest instead.

  • Reply Kate |

    I have to encourage you to take the FPU class! It’s great, trustworthy information, it’s valuable in the knowledge found among group of people meeting and its more fire under the hiney if you know what I mean. The investment advice is solid and backed bt tens of thousands of normal people. There’s no irony in the fact that Dave Ramsey has become wealthy from teaching others how to do it: he is proof of his own methods, this is how capitalism should work, and he is selling books, software, events and merchandise that helps people to buyers voluntarily. Nothing ironic there. Only good sense!

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