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Dave Ramsey Wins Again…


Sometimes, people call Dave Ramsey’s radio show and tell him about items they must have but can’t afford and use those items as an excuse to rack up credit card debt. He tells them to think outside the box. See if you can get it without cash. No matter how many times he says this, I think ‘That applies to someone else. It wouldn’t work for me.’

Sigh. But of course… he’s right.

I’ve been Jonesing for a rocking chair. I’ve searched Craigslist but the prices are too high and I’m unwilling to part with a couple hundred dollars for a non-necessity item.

I’m sitting in the kitchen on Sunday, talking to my mom about the stupid rocking chair dilemma (yes, I terrorize my poor mother regularly about my tightwad woes) when lo and behold, grandma appears out of nowhere like the furniture fairy.

“Rocking Chair? Did someone say they needed a rocking chair?”

She proceeded to pull out her magic stash of not one, not two, not three… but 5 rocking chairs.

“Tell me which one you like and you can borrow it for as long as you need it” she and my grandpa said.

OK, so maybe she didn’t say I could borrow it and she didn’t say I could keep it as long as I needed it, but they are leaving for vacation next month and I figured I could steal *cough* ‘borrow’ it when they left.

I felt like Goldilocks as I moved from chair to chair, ultimately deciding to steal the plush rocker currently occupied by Coco, their giant stuffed gorilla.

“When are you leaving for vacation?” I asked ‘innocently’.

“You might as well save time and load it now” my grandpa replied.

Hmm. I guess I’m fairly transparent… that or he saw me throw Coco in the closet and attempt to shove the chair out the back door.

Sweet! Rocking chair checked off my list. Borrowed furniture. Can’t say I’ve ever thought of that before.

This whole ‘think outside the box’ thing is still new to me. It’s something I’ll have to get used to.

A hearty thanks to my grams and gramps for helping me stay in budget.


  • Reply Kimberly |

    If she didn’t say you could borrow it as long as you need it, what did she actually say? If she’s anything like my grandma, than it would be implicitly mine, anyway, but then my grandma thinks she is going to die tomorrow so she’s been slowly handing out everything she owns anyway.

    Anyway, great score! I would really love a rocking chair for our nursery, too (I’m at 21 weeks), but I don’t have an awesome hookup like that, at least not that I know of within driving distance.

  • Reply Money Beagle |

    That’s what I love about grandparents. Growing up, mine would give anything we wanted as long as they knew it made us happy. It was worth whatever sacrifice for them to do that. My grandparents are all gone, but with our son, we get to watch our parents fill that role, and way down the road, we’ll get to do it. I love it!

    Enjoy the chair.

  • Reply Claire |

    How nice!

    Thinking outside the box isn’t always easy for me when I have been bitten by the consumerism bug. Congrats on the baby, can’t wait to hear another bump update!

  • Reply Amanda |

    Congrats on finding a workaround! However, every mother I’ve ever had a conversation with is of the opinion that a rocking chair *is* absolutely necessary.

  • Reply Sarah |

    Actually, I think a rocking chair is a necessity when you have a baby. 🙂

  • Reply CareaBearaSara |

    Thats awesome! That’s what grandparents are for!
    I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a vehicle from mine! The car I had, needed the transmission replaced, and in the mean time, they gave me their gently used Blazer. I said I would start paying them in 2 months for it, but grandma absolutely refused!

  • Reply Ross |

    Okay, so I gotta say, when you described your furniture-fairy of a grandmother magically appearing and pulling out a stash of rocking chairs, I literately started playing my own old-school Disney movie in my head, complete with a grandmother with little fairy wings appearing out of a cloud in the sky, with a little hand-bag that has no bottom and holds an unlimited amount of items…

  • Reply Alexandria |

    A rocking chair may be *necessity* but anything *brand new* is rarely a necessity.

    My parents had an OLD recliner they gave us. We put a blanket over it and it looked beautiful. It was hard to give away when we were done with it – but it rocked, and did the job.

    We actually had 2 – since my sister gave us one when she moved (she was literally going to throw it in the dumpster – it was nice and almost new – still have that one).

  • Reply Lizzie |

    Niiice…you did pick the most comfortable rocker they own! Did they mention we have the twin to that one? Gramps found them in terrible shape and fixed both of them up. We still rock the kids in it, it really is a necessity :-)!

  • Reply ellen |

    We are preparing to move into a house for which we lack crucial furniture items. I’ve had great success shopping the former homeowner(newly married, moving into hubby’s house)and my in-laws. I’ve scored almost everything we need that way. Must have NEW mattresses, though! Fear of Bedbugs strikes again.

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