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  • Reply Debt Donkey |

    I think I would have freaked out too! I think there is a point of diminishing returns with all the technology we have. Things are a lot more convenient, like checking your account online, but there’s also so much room for error or misinformation. I kind of miss the days of balancing my checkbook once a month when the statement came in the mail!

  • Reply Edward |

    Which bank do you use?
    Not that I’m going to try and steal anything but my bank has a waiting period for all transactions.
    I would love to know a bank that allows me move my money freely when I want…

  • Reply Lizzie |

    What a great feature……..from someone who often pays bills a little too far ahead :-).

  • Reply mv |

    @Edward – my experience has been that if you are transferring funds from one account to another within the same financial institution, there is no delay. If you are transferring funds from one financial institution to another (or paying bills, etc) there is a delay. My primary financial institutions are two credit unions in the SF Bay Area and I’ve never experienced a delay when transferring from account to account within the same financial institution. I believe this is true for BofA as well (within BofA from one account to another = no delay). I believe the delay occurs when transferring between two different financial institutions.

So, what do you think ?