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Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend…


My husband decided to throw a Memorial Day potluck at our home on Sunday. He’s not the kind of guy to barbeque hot dogs and burgers – his food is generally cooked non-traditionally. On Sunday, he and my brother prepared rotisserie pork over hickory chips in a brick fire in our backyard. Three huge slabs of pork were on sale and we were able to split the cost with my brother. Our half was only $22!

Far more people showed up than expected and throughout the day, about 35 people passed through our front door. I guess when you slow roast pork drenched in seasoning and sauces for six hours, you attract the neighbors as guests.

It was one of those days where I didn’t think about how much I hate my crummy couches, the little patch of peeling stucco, or the square of brown lawn I can’t afford to water in my backyard. All I could think was how blessed I am to have such a wonderful group of friends in my life. All those bodies with smiling faces covered the crummy couch, the friends sitting in chairs on the patio playing Phase 10 hid the patch of peeling stucco, and the square of brown lawn was the perfect place to play a competitive game of horseshoes.

When Dave Ramsey is asked how he is, he always responds, ‘Better than I deserve.’

I know the feeling.

How was your weekend? Did you spend or save?


  • Reply Jenn in Michigan |

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend, and your right, people are far more important than things.

    I also had a great weekend, even though it was spent on my own. It was my first weekend in over a month with no obligations and my last for awhile and I spent it gardening, reading, and playing with my dogs. Very relaxing.

  • Reply Michelle |

    We didn’t spend anything! We got into the zoo with my BIL on his “guest” passes (they are “friends of the zoo”. Then we went to our community center and used the indoor pool (that’s the one that comes with membership…have to pay to join the outdoor pool) and we simply ate at home, our planned meals! And we hung out together. it was a blast. So glad your weekend was good, too…and for only $22!!

  • Reply Michelle |

    We had some relatives up, so money was spent – but it was good to see family.

  • Reply Chris |

    This is quite an inspiring entry 🙂
    My weekend was save save save lol but metaphysically things were good.

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