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My B of A Oops Moment…


Over the weekend, my brother celebrated his 40th birthday by throwing a party in a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. Between our family and his friends, the place was packed. The music was awesome, the food was delicious, and it should have been a good night. Should.

My sister and I sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub chatting away while enjoying the skyline views across downtown. I’m not sure how it happened, but the subject of Bank of America was brought up. My sister recently financed a car through them and of course, I ‘kindly’ told her she was an idiot to finance through them. I ‘may’ have also said I’d rather die than owe “those life sucking *%@&#%’s an ounce of my future earnings.”

My sister, who knows about my 18 month long fight with B of A, smiled an evil smile and egged me on. “Why don’t you stop paying them?”

“And further my relationship with the devil?!?! I’m not going to sink as low as those scum suckers!” I raged on.

She grinned, knowing I’d explode into a 30 minute ‘show’.

In the middle of my tirade, I happened to notice someone taking an interest in my ‘I hate B of A’ speech. Rather than shut my mouth, I ranted for a few minutes longer to my sister and we moved on to more interesting topics like gastritis, carrot cake, and cancer.

My sister excused herself to use the restroom and the person who was showing an odd interest in my tirade came up to me and said, ‘Hi, my name is Wade. That’s my wife Karen. I’ve known James for 20 years. And I work for Bank of America… in the mortgage division.’

I responded, ‘Hi, my name is Rebekah. That’s my husband Chris. James is my brother. And I enjoy putting my foot in my mouth.’

Wade is a laid back guy, but it’s a little hard to rebound from my claim that all B of A employees are ‘horrific scum suckers.’ He tried to explain that B of A is doing the best they can do and losing client forms is a common occurrence. He encouraged me to keep trying and wished me a good night.

Losing forms is common? Keep trying?

So. Sorry to my brother. Sorry to Wade – a non-scum sucker.

But I still hate Bank of America.



My husband and I agreed that a small percentage of our side work money would be allocated for the beach camping trip. The cost of food was covered by our grocery fund but anything outside that budget had to be paid for with our extra cash.

I didn’t want to spend any money outside the budget at all, side work money or not, but the nitpicky nerd in me occasionally lightens up.

As my husband and I browsed Target with $40 in cash (part of what he earned from a difficult roofing job), all I could see were cheap plastic games I wasn’t particularly drawn to ‘waste’ money on. Based on the happy look on his face, he wasn’t seeing the visions of plastic hell I was. He saw hours spent hanging out with friends, campfires, handholding, and chorus’ of Kumbaya.

After an hour, he finally picked a game of lawn darts for $14.99 – on sale – and decided to spend the rest on… uh… not sure if I should admit this but, he spent the rest on ‘adult beverages’ to share with his buddies.

We had a really wonderful time camping on the sand, playing lawn darts, taking a sailing trip on a friend’s boat (my first ever), and… I think I caught my husband humming a few bars of Kumbaya as we walked hand in hand down the shoreline.