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Comment Rant


I hopped on this morning to respond to a few of your great comments and then the keyboard caught fire and off I went!  You’ll see in the comment about responsibility of parents that I have some work to do in this area.  LOL!  I hope you read it with the passion with which is was written because I am very passionate about the issue!  It is why when my children forget something for school they know not to call and ask me to bring it to them.  They figure out a solution to their forgetting the item at home.  I communicate to them how incredibly hard it is to tell them no when they need their homework or band instrument, but I really do take that as a big part of my job as a mom.  There are consequences to forgetting things and I always deliver the message with sincere compassion because it DOES suck to tell them no but better to experience the consequence in the 3rd and 7th grades then to slam into the grown up consequences down the road.  I’m happy to report it only took one miss for each of them to get into some good routines the night before to make sure they have what they need.

I got my hair cut yesterday.  How silly that a haircut is newsworthy for me, but it is since I stopped spending insane amounts of money at the salon.  I got my hair cut yesterday for the first time since October.  🙂  Going into the salon is now a REAL treat instead of the given it had become.  You may recall that before Operation Debt Reduction I was at the salon every eight weeks, like clockwork.  I would spend at least $200 every single visit.  Yesterday I spent $35 because I passed on the stylist styling my hair.  It would have been $50 with a style but with the terrible weather why would I pay $15 for my hair to go frizzy the moment I step outside?  That’s thinking my friends and it is thinking I NEVER would have done 18 months ago!  I walked out of there with my wet hair with my head held high wanting to tell total strangers I saved 15 bucks to look this way! LOL!

Enjoy this holiday and remember why we have the day off at all.  Thanks to the sacrifice of many individuals and families, I am able to stay in my pj’s today and appreciate my freedom!  I’m not trying to make light of the somber reality that got us this day but instead truly sharing my gratitude.  Blessings.

Happy Memorial Day!


OK, so I know we all have plans for barbeques and parades this weekend and it will be hard to focus on anything else other than hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream sundaes but….

Please take a moment to honor those we have lost AND…

Give a hug to your nearest serviceman/woman.

A hearty thanks to our military.