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Save a Nickel – Help the Environment…


I’m a fan of recycled canvas bags for many reasons but I have a new one – 5 cents per use.

Target Stores (along with Henry’s, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and Whole Foods) offer 5 cents off your bill for each bag used. The program started in November but somehow I missed the giant glowing red signs posted at eye level on each check stand until today.

Obviously I’m a very observant person.

The bags don’t have to be Target brand recycled bags but they cannot be regular plastic bags that you happen to be reusing.

If you know of any stores around you offering the same incentive – let me know!


  • Reply Money Beagle |

    Target has had this for awhile, but you have to remind them most of the time in order for them to scan the barcode that gives you the nickel off your bill.

  • Reply Lynn |

    Whole Foods actually has a 10 cent refund per bag. It actually makes me want to use the recycled bags. Most places have 1 cent which is worthless. I’ve never seen the 5 cent thing at Target. I will look for that next time I shop there.

  • Reply Hilary |

    For those of us in New England – Stop and Shop also offers 5 cents per bag used. And I can’t help but mention that Chico Bags are the absolute best reusable bags there are. I keep one in my purse all the time. I don’t like the boxy ones they sell at the stores. Ha, that sounded like a Christmas Story, “I don’t think a football is a very good Christmas present.”

  • Reply Jen |

    @Hilary: Stop & Shop offers 5 cents off? Awesome! If only I could remember to bring the bags… lol. I do remember about half the time. But, I make sure I either reuse or recycle the plastic bags.

    Maybe I’ll check out the Chico bags. I take it you mean the clothing store?

  • Reply Hilary |


    It’s actually not the clothing store, it’s just: chicobag.com

    And, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, on the left is a “grab bag” you can get 5 for $15. It’s their old stock. My sister bought them and got a nice assortment of colors, all a surprise. I am slightly obsessed with mine, an original brown one. It fits so much and it’s washable. If I was Martha Stuart I’d say, “It’s a good thing”. But I’m not, so “It’s awesome.” will have to suffice. 🙂

  • Reply Brandy |

    Kroger here no longer does this. They give you cresit toward the $100 for 10cents off gas but no longer off your grocery total.

  • Reply Brian |

    I’m jealous! Our Kroger grocery stores here in Cincinnati do the same thing, but it’s only 3 cents oper bag. Still.. every bit counts.

  • Reply Brianne |

    Ralph’s used to give you 5 cents, then 3 cents, and now just points. Since I never signed up for the Ralph’s Reward card (I still have my old card) the points are meaningless. But I still feel better about using my own bags.

  • Reply Jen |

    @Hilary – Thanks! I ordered a grab bag yesterday. I like that they fold up small and I can keep them in my car, which should make it less likely for me to leave them at home when I go shopping.

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