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Overspending Karma…


In general, I can be trusted to eat fairly healthy. My snacks for work are generally brown, wheaty, and taste like cardboard. But there is one time of year I am not confident in my food choices…

The deadly season of Easter.

It’s not the peeps that make my heart go pitter patter; it’s the tasty chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs. I can’t resist them no matter how much they cost financially or physically. Sure the $2.50 price tag isn’t terrible but literally, I can’t fit into my pants after eating them. This is likely because I can eat a bag in less than a week and there are 56 grams of fat and 1,330 calories in each bag of yummy goodness.

I had to go to Target to buy a bag of dog food and couldn’t resist the bright sale sign resting on the heavenly purple bag (why don’t they ever put flax seed on sale?). I took the treasured chocolate eggs to work with my lunch and set my carrying bag on the table to pull out my food for the refrigerator. Distracted, I left the chocolate eggs in my carrying bag on the lunch table. 20 minutes later, I realized my mistake and went back to the lunch room to retrieve my food.

My carrying bag was there… the eggs were not.

My heart was broken (but my hips were thankful).

I’ve been hit by overspending Karma. I knew I shouldn’t have wasted the money (or the calories) and it was taken from me. Sure it seems silly to feel guilty for spending $2.50 when I’m planning on heading overseas – but saving for the trip has renewed my penny pinching ways to an unprecedented level. Since I don’t have the willpower necessary to resist the minefield of temptation, my husband will be doing the shopping for the next four weeks. Sorry Cadbury, our love affair is over.

Alas, I will eventually discover which of my co-workers has ‘sticky’ fingers – I’ll simply look for the one who can no longer fit in his or her pants by Friday.

And I’m kidding about Karma… well… kind of.


  • Reply Jenn |

    I wish someone would break into my house and steal my bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs… oh wait, I already ate them all! Seriously, those things are like crack. I’m just grateful they are only out this time of year.

  • Reply Bucksome |

    Isn’t it hard to believe someone would take food from a co-worker? That one always blows me away.

  • Reply mom |

    Mom here…. you’ve got to be kidding me… I mean, did I read that correctly? You’re going to let Christopher do the shopping? Sweetheart, you might as well kiss that trip adios. Now you know I love that man of yours…. but I have seen him shop! Talk about being the King of impulse buying.. he’s the man. But don’t you worry honey one bet… you’ll see those eggs again… and more. I just love this blog… and of course you dear. Love, mom

  • Reply Brian |

    I find it interesting when people say that coworkers steal their food. We must have a good group here as we have the opposite problem. People forget what they brought and I’ll have to eventually go on a scavenger hunt to see if I can eat the cookies which have been tempting me in the fridge for the last four days.

  • Reply Gilby |

    Have you ever tried intentionally overindulging to make a food less desirable? In 1999, I finished six McDonald’s cheeseburgers in one sitting. I haven’t eaten any meat since!

  • Reply Jean |

    Just go look in everyone’s trashcans, and you’ll find the culprit. They might have saved you from not fitting into your pants, but stealing food from coworkers is NOT COOL. Maybe Karma will catch up to them soon…

  • Reply Abigail |

    Unfortunately, I just discovered these things. And I’m definitely paying the price.

    Frankly, I’m shocked you can make a bag last a whole week. They go faster around here. I refuse to say how fast because, um… Well let’s just say I’m glad I have stretchy pants!

  • Reply Tonya |

    Am I the only person who hates them? My mom used to put them in both my and my brother’s Easter baskets….he always got mine.

  • Reply Ashley |

    At my workplace, you steal from a coworker’s lunch – you get fired. We have had that problem, but I don’t know that we’ve ever found out who it is. There is a note right by the fridge that a person will be fired if they are found.

    On another note, I LOVE Cadbury eggs. I like the regular sized ones though. Go big or go home! hahaha jkjk!

  • Reply Rachel |

    OMG! Those Cadbury eggs are awesome! Now you left me craving some! Thanks! 😉

  • Reply Nicole |

    Those wonderful, crisp, little beauties? This will be the first Easter I won’t be indulging, sniff, sniff…..

    The Raw/Vegan diet just doesn’t allow Cadbury’s hard shelled, milk chocolate, solid eggs. Why, why, why????

  • Reply MichelleH |

    My weakness is the big Cadbury eggs. I try to resist because I will eat the 4 pack box in one sitting! I tell myself to only eat one, but they call my name and I end up eating a few more. But for some dumb reason, I buy them!

  • Reply sarah |

    Oh my god, these are my only candy weakness. Thank god they’re only out once a year. Here’s how I’m combating the pressure this year. I’ve decided I can only buy the tiny “fun-size” bags… and I CAN’T FIND THEM ANYWHERE.

    So I’m not eating them. Yet.

  • Reply Susan |

    The Cadbury Mini-Eggs are NOTHING compared to the Hersey Mini-Eggs with the candy coating in lovely pastel colors just waiting to melt in your mouth. A little bit of spring just waiting to be nibbled on as the season comes into full bloom…Is it me or does the bag seem to get smaller with each passing year?

  • Reply Angela |

    LOL I can’t resist candy either. Especially chocolate and anything artificially strawberry flavored. Gross, I know. I finally broke my habit of eating candy while watching the Biggest Loser. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

    I hope you are able to make it all Easter (and after Easter sales!) without giving in to the yumminess.

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