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Spending ‘Free’ Money…


My company has a very generous per diem rate for traveling employees. You’d think after all this time spent penny pinching, I’d be pretty awesome at spending other people’s money – especially on the one item I tend to pinch the most… FOOD.

On my first night out, at a restaurant chosen by my coworkers, I could have ordered the filet mignon.

Totally covered in my per diem rate? Yes.

Something I love and haven’t had much of… OK, OK, haven’t had any of for as long as I can remember? Yup.

Something I didn’t order because I couldn’t wrap my silly little brain around the concept of spending nearly $40 on instead of the$12 veggie plate?


The veggie plate was fabulous by the way.

In the whole scheme of things, our company is HUGE and very few employees are paid to travel. Will my week of penny pinching someone else’s dollar make a difference? Not in the very least.

Admittedly, I should have loosened up and ordered something I REALLY, REALLY wanted at least one of those days but I guess my frugality isn’t as easy to ditch as I thought.

Saving Money on Shampoo?


I know I shouldn’t admit this – heck, its bad enough you know how in debt I am! – but…

I don’t wash my hair very often. I wash my hair no more than twice per week… and sometimes, not even that much.

My naturally curly hair can’t handle it – that and I’d rather spend the extra hour it takes to dry my locks doing ‘productive’ things like sleeping.

But I’ve always felt lonely in my non-washing world. It’s a secretive place. No one particularly likes to hear on a Friday morning that I haven’t washed my hair since Thursday… of last week. I’d start immersing my hair in fragrant shampoo if people seemed at all put off but I have just the opposite reaction – people compliment my hair on a regular basis.

Apparently, there is a growing trend called the ‘No-poo movement’. Nope, didn’t make that up. Someone really thought ‘poo’ and ‘movement’ was a good combo. The movement is fueled by eco-conscious folks as a way to help the environment by reducing chemical usage and plastic waste but…

All I can think is, ‘woo hoo! Another way to save a buck.’ And I’m sure all you are thinking is, ‘Wow, her penny pinching ways have taken her off the deep end.’

But, give it some thought or give it a try. Let me know how it turns out!

Learn more about the ‘No Poo Movement’ at: