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Perhaps a trip to the doc is in order…


I’m a relatively patient person. When it comes to getting sick, I tend to wait things out or try my best to remedy problems myself with healthy foods, large amounts of water, and lots of sleep. It’s always worked in the past but…

I’ve been coughing… for 41 days.

I wanted to see a doctor about 3 weeks ago but our company was undergoing a major healthcare change and we were covered but didn’t have valid medical insurance cards. We were told to see a doctor if necessary and we would ‘likely’ be reimbursed for our expenses….Yeah. I didn’t fall for that either.

I decided to wait it out until my health insurance card arrived. Maybe this was a poor decision.

Especially since, today, my doctor told me I have pneumonia.

Oh but wait. There’s more.

My pneumonia initiated asthma.

The funny part about this is – I’m relieved. I’ve been feeling ridiculously overdramatic for the last few weeks as I cried because I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t stop coughing. My tears and misery have been vindicated!!

I’m off to take an insane amount of pharmaceuticals and sleep the week away.


  • Reply Maria |

    I feel for you. Last year at this time my son was diagnosed with asthma but only after a trip to the ER which had a $350.00 copay, but he was admitted to ICU, which had a BIGGER copay.

    My point is, take care of your health and forget about the $ or it will escalate into something bigger. 🙂

  • Reply mom |

    Why is it that when I go out of town, you finally decide to go to the doctor and gramps ends up in the hospital? Can you two wait until I at least get home so that I can help??? And why you always have to wait before you finally give in and go to the doctor is beyond me. Even if you had a health care card… you still would have taken your own sweet time, admit it. Well…. I’m glad that you finally broke down and went. Now… could you please at least stay in bed until I get home? Love, mom

  • Reply Joan |

    I love that your Mom checked into your blog with advice that only a Mom can give. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon.

  • Reply Angie |

    Girl, you are crazy. There’s no point in being debt free if you’re not alive to enjoy it! Next time go to a clinic or something!

  • Reply T'Pol |

    Ouch! Coughing for 41 days before seeing a doctor must be a record. Pneumonia is serious… No kidding. Did you also have a fever along with the cough? Please do take better care of yourself. Neglected health issues almost always take a turn for worse things.

  • Reply Abigail |

    Yeah, my limit would have been 3 weeks, though maybe longer given the insurance snafu. Still, glad you got it checked out.

    Once upon a time, my mom was visiting me when I was interning in DC. She had this nasty cough that wouldn’t go away. I told her a couple times it didn’t sound good and she should get it checked out. By the time she left, I was really annoyed that she wasn’t taking care of herself.

    She ended up not making it all the way home, but instead had to stop off and be seen in the ER in Minnesota. It was quite an insurance headache. They diagnosed her with walking pneumonia (aka what killed Jim Henson). When she made it back, the family doc told her she could either get three large, unpleasant and pricey ($300ish) shots or be hospitalized for 3-5 days.

    Just a good reminder to get things checked out in a reasonable amount of time. (When insurance isn’t acting up.)

  • Reply Cynthia |

    Your mom is hilarious!

    Glad you finally went. Hope you feel better soon! I probably wouldn’t have waited that long but then I wasn’t in your shoes!

  • Reply Mar |

    We’ll catch up with you when you wake up. I, too, love your Mom. I hope Gramps is okay!

  • Reply thisisbeth |

    My sympathy! Get rest! (and listen to your mom!)

    Once or twice a year, I usually end up going to the doctor because I’ve been coughing for a month. Every time, the doctors are stumped. I don’t have any other symptoms other than coughing. I feel perfectly fine (other than annoyed with my coughing). I’m usually treated for bronchitis, and it works.

    Take care!!

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