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Debt Update…


Here are the current numbers (I’ll work on getting the sidebar updated):

Total Starting Debt: $38,495.86
Total Paid: $16,727.33
Total Remaining: $21,768.53

Breakdown of Remaining Debt –
Truck: $11,934.57
Student Loan: $9,833.96

We’re nearly halfway there. I got an updated payoff date according to our Debt Snowball Calculator on DaveRamsey.com…

December 2010.

We shaved off 4 months so far. Can I get a Woo Hoo?


  • Reply Salina |

    Wooo Hooo… Congrats…
    Question? Your only remaining debt is your truck & student loan? Am I reading this correctly? So you do not have a mortgage payment? I heard now is definitely the time to buy in California.

  • Reply ZFarls |


    Absolutely pumped for you guys who want to do it the right way and not complain, I have only 205 dollars left on my student loan and let me just say how fired up I am about it. Im 23 and finished up 4 months ahead of my 20k 1 year plan. It feels great to shave off time and when you do smart things with money you seem to be rewarded with more. Anyway, It seems like a long time away but you can absolutley do it. Anytime I didn’t feel like spending an entire 2 weeks worth of pay, I would throw on a dave ramsey podcast and click the send button.


  • Reply emmi |

    Excellent job. The halfway point IS fast approaching.

    and to ZFarls, there is something to what you say about getting smart with money making more of it appear. It’s true for boyfriends too… 😉

  • Reply stacey |

    Way to go Beks!!!!!!! That is awesome!
    How’s the marathon pre-training going?
    Good luck with both!

  • Reply Beks |

    Thanks!! I’m still elated!!

    Stacey – I’m still training (though the heat has kept me inside for two weeks now) and I’m debating competing in a triathlon in mid-October. I’m a strong cyclist and think I could do well. My running and swimming still needs improvement!

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