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Debt Update…


Here are the current numbers (I’ll work on getting the sidebar updated):

Total Starting Debt: $38,495.86
Total Paid: $16,727.33
Total Remaining: $21,768.53

Breakdown of Remaining Debt –
Truck: $11,934.57
Student Loan: $9,833.96

We’re nearly halfway there. I got an updated payoff date according to our Debt Snowball Calculator on DaveRamsey.com…

December 2010.

We shaved off 4 months so far. Can I get a Woo Hoo?

Debt Update


I’ll try to do a debt update around the first of each month. Here is my debt update for June:

Starting Debt: $38, 495.86
New Debt Number: $27,814.62

Total Paid Since October 2008: $10,681.24

Woo Hoo! We’re over $10K

We were hoping to get ahead of schedule and have our credit card debt paid by July but it’s looking like August or September (still ahead, just not as much as we wanted to be) thanks to the California DMV fees and the higher taxes.