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Debt Update…


Well, I was tempted to skip over this update and hope no one noticed.

Darn my honesty.

We went nowhere on debt this month. Why? Shopping Sprees? New TV’s?

Not so much.

Our extra debt payments went to insulating our home and to pay to my brother’s father-in-law (combined with some manual labor) for some desperately needed furniture.

Perhaps the best part of this equation? We have a nearly new fancy mattress. Now, sure, it would be difficult NOT to impress me. Our previous mattress was more than a dozen years old. But for TWO YEARS, I thought I was an insomniac.

Turns out. I’m not. I just needed a new bed.

I would say I’m losing sleep over this update but for the first time since we bought this house, the temperature in our bedroom is over 55 degrees even though it’s 37 outside and our mattress is zzzzzzzzzzz…

My Debt
• Original Debt: $38,495.86
• Added Debt: $1,781.50
• Total Debt: $40,277.36
• Paid: $ 31,662.16
• Remaining: $8,615.20

Broken Down

• Auto Loan 1: $0
• Credit Card: $0
• Student Loan: $8,615.20
• Auto Loan 2: $0
• Vet Loan: $0