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Work Mistakes…


As I’ve said before, having a job is a vital part to paying off debt. I try my best to work hard, to get along with others, and to be enthusiastic about serving the public.

Friday, I wasn’t ‘feeling it’. Late nights paired with high stress had me pooped by Friday and I hit the snooze button far more than I should have.

I rolled out of bed, threw my nappy unwashed hair into a pony tail, and put on my uniform without ironing it. I caught the train to work and arrived my usual 45 minutes early – 30 of which I should have spent getting ready and ironing at least my shirt. I sluggishly walked into the elevator, hit the floor button, and leaned my sleepy head against the wall. Just as the doors started to close, a hand slipped through the doors and in walked the equivalent of the company CEO.

I’ve met the guy approximately 2 times in the 6 months I’ve worked there.

He gave me a slow once over – and it wasn’t because I looked smoking hot in my uniform. He looked at my crumpled pants, my against policy un-tucked shirt, and said a very crisp, ‘Well… good morning.’

I heard ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC blaring on my brain radio.

I’ve always been told to dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. I’m fairly certain I will be demoted to janitorial staff by tomorrow.

Never again folks. Never again will I dress like that.


  • Reply dawn |

    Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe you can make a point of bumping into him on one of your spiffier days.

  • Reply Lizzie |

    I’m with Dawn, make it a point to “bump” into him again when your dressed to the hilt!!

  • Reply Family Man |

    Wow. It may not be a bad idea to do what they suggest and make sure you happen to run into him on a different day. That way he knows that it was just a “one of those days” type thing.

  • Reply JvW |

    What bad timing! Figures that was the day you saw him. At least you were early to work – that’s gotta count for something, right?

  • Reply Mary |

    A week ago today I got up 15 minutes late (I, too, like my snooze button), washed my hair but left it hanging wet in my eyes, was wearing yesterday’s t-shirt that smelled like my cat and a pair of really old sweats and I got in my car and headed off to my job as the unpaid owner of a children’s consignment shop (that is on the verge of bankruptcy because of this sucky economy – contrary to what everyone says, no, consignment shops are not doing so great when you can just go to any nearly-bankrupt mall and buy clothes on sale at 70% off or more…but I digress….) and I’m heading to work down a 2-lane country road, I stop at a 4-way stop where the bases were loaded – the school bus across from me makes a left in front of me, then the two on either side of me go at the same time. I’m brushing the wet hair back from my face and just about ready to hit the gas when BOOM! Some young kid (jerk) rams me from behind and shoves me 20 feet out into the middle of the intersection. So I get to meet 4 or 5 nice county sheriff deputies wearing my worst sweats, with straight wet hair, and of course, don’t forget, I still smell like cat.

    The good news is I wasn’t hurt, the jerk totalled my 9-yr old Chevy Tracker (hard to get parts for it!) and thank God I never changed my insurance to PL/PD from Comprehensive so it’s fully covered and I’m expecting a check for $3700 in tomorrow’s mail, which will go a long way in saving my business, for at least another month or two. And, the car is still drivable and I get to keep it…someone was definitely trying to help me, in some weird, convoluted, round-about way. Now, if only my about-to-be-foreclosed-on house would just get struck by lightning…

    It’s good to keep a positive attitude when your life is going to Hell financially, I think!

  • Reply Jen |

    Wow, Mary! Glad you’re OK!

    I, too, still have comprehensive and collision on my car, even though it’s 13 years old. I was going to cancel that, but when I look at what it covered, there were one or two things that I wanted, so I kept it, even though I could have saevd a lot of money.

  • Reply Mary |

    I’m just one of those people who is so disorganized I’m lucky I even HAVE car insurance. I’d like to see a survey done about how much debt you have vs. how unorganized you are. I’m pretty sure there is a pretty strong correlation there!

    When my life was simpler (one job making $60k+ a year, no house, etc.) I was debt free, had just bought a new car, traveled for work constantly, had great credit…now I own a failing business, have a house that’s probably in foreclosure, have massive credit card debt, etc. and I’ve never been this disorganized in my life.

    I need for that Clean Sweep program to come in and just straighten everything out for me, or maybe travel back to 2001 when things were so good.

    Regarding the accident – it did just enough damage to total the car, I’ve never had a claim before, ever, so hopefully my insurance won’t go up after this, and I didn’t even get whiplash, so I think someone up there is definitely helping me, and just in the nick of time. And the nice policeman that pulled up along side me last night (my taillight is broken) didn’t even pull me over – he just asked about the taillight and smiled when I said I was waiting for the insurance check. Thank God for no repair & report ticket! I’m going to keep praying for that lightning strike! 🙂

  • Reply Beth T |

    Hey we all have days like that… i think me more then usual… i tend to not do my hair and its a really good day when i spend 5 minutes instead of 2 on my makeup! haha. 🙂 Don’t feel bad. I know you still looked great even in your not top shape!

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