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Work Mistakes…


As I’ve said before, having a job is a vital part to paying off debt. I try my best to work hard, to get along with others, and to be enthusiastic about serving the public.

Friday, I wasn’t ‘feeling it’. Late nights paired with high stress had me pooped by Friday and I hit the snooze button far more than I should have.

I rolled out of bed, threw my nappy unwashed hair into a pony tail, and put on my uniform without ironing it. I caught the train to work and arrived my usual 45 minutes early – 30 of which I should have spent getting ready and ironing at least my shirt. I sluggishly walked into the elevator, hit the floor button, and leaned my sleepy head against the wall. Just as the doors started to close, a hand slipped through the doors and in walked the equivalent of the company CEO.

I’ve met the guy approximately 2 times in the 6 months I’ve worked there.

He gave me a slow once over – and it wasn’t because I looked smoking hot in my uniform. He looked at my crumpled pants, my against policy un-tucked shirt, and said a very crisp, ‘Well… good morning.’

I heard ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC blaring on my brain radio.

I’ve always been told to dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. I’m fairly certain I will be demoted to janitorial staff by tomorrow.

Never again folks. Never again will I dress like that.

Where’s the financial shock collar?


Since I don’t rent movies anymore, and at times my library rental list is a bit sluggish, I watch more TV. I’ve jumped into Grey’s Anatomy with careless abandon… and now I’m paying for it.

Whenever someone on the show says something clever, an elevator in the background dings. Not a big deal… unless you work in a building with elevators. Now every time the elevator dings, I act like Pavlov’s Dog and wait for someone to say something clever.

I’m onto you Executive Producer Betsy Beers. Thanks to you, TV watching has caused a semi-normal person like me to live in a complete state of confusion for 10 floor dings up… and 10 floor dings down each day! But while you’re out creating chaos in the world, I was wondering if you’d take some precious time from your schedule and somehow work your Pavlovian magic on my finances. I’d like to be completely numb to the charms of the evil ones, ie… Target, Macy’s, and their best friend Nordstom.

Come on Betsy! A little help please!?