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I Ended up Going School Shopping


I wrote a few days ago about the tradition of new clothes on the first days of school.

After talking with my husband, we decided to go shopping to add a few more things to my son’s wardrobe since he did need a few things. Trying to keep it as inexpensive as I could – here’s how we did:

3 long sleeve shirts = $9.00
1 pair of jeans = $4.50
1 pair of pants = $3.00
1 pair of fleece pants = $4.97
1 fleece hooded jacket = $6.97
10 pairs of socks = $6.46
7 pairs of underwear = $3.94
1 pair of shoes = $9.87

Total clothing: $48.71

Wondering how much we’ve spent on my son’s clothes year-to-date, I looked back and including this recent trip, we’ve spent $82.43. I guess we aren’t doing too bad for his clothes this year.

Of course, while shopping my mind wandered and started thinking about what it will be like during his teen years.  What will be in style?  When I was in high school I remember I.O.U. shirts being the “thing” to have.  My mom did buy me a few of those I.O.U. shirts after I begged, but we waited until after the year was halfway over because they would mark them 1/2 off 😉


  • Reply KIM |

    My daughter is now 13. I was able to shop at resale shops and goodwill for a long time but things have changed. I am able to guide her to the clearance racks and I usually do not spend over $10.00 for any item for her. I feel good about that.

  • Reply Tricia |

    KIM – that’s great that you are helping your daughter find the value in clearance racks. That’s something I learned from my mom 🙂

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