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Our Summer Garden is Growing!


Sea Cadet built me a raised bed garden this spring. And I have been having a blast planting in it and watching things sprout over the last few weeks. Every morning when I take the dogs out, I weed the containers and review what has changed over night. It’s especially fun to see the seeds pop through the dirt…and I was smart enough this year to make a chart of what I planted where.

I’ve got two tomato plants, 1 pepper plant, cantaloupe vines, cilantro, green onions, summer squash. loose leaf lettuce and fall gourds coming up. And, of course, a variety of flowers! It is beautiful and I am so proud every time I pull into the driveway. (I’ve also got a pecan tree and fig bush, but neither has produced anything in the two years we have lived in this house.)

It’s been really great of our landlord to give me free reign over the yard. While I know the food we are growing won’t save us a ton of money over the summer, it will be a nice supplement. And there is just something magical about growing your own food.

I’m looking forward to spending a few hours outside this weekend, literally tending to my garden. There’s just something calming about getting my hands dirty.

Do you have a summer garden? What are your favorite and easiest vegetables to grow?


One more week…


School is out in one week. My crazy life schedule will come to a grinding halt. The lack of car will no longer be an issue for a while. And I can’t be more excited.

I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bit later, not rushing out the door every morning to get Princess to school and afternoons free of car pool duty and rushing from one thing to another.

Summer Plan

Our summer plans are set…Princess will go to camp for two weeks in June (already paid for) and then we will leave for a 10 day trip to Texas (just she and I this time.) I have already paid for our airplane tickets so now just have a small amount budgeted for this trip. We will return with my mom and Gymnast in tow for the remainder of the summer until school starts back August 1st.

At this point, Gymnast is going to remain in IL with his dad for the next school year. As hard as it has been to let him go, the relief to my time has been ginormous…going from 2 hours a day in the car and 4 hours sitting at Starbucks while he practiced to nothing, well, it’s been nice.

Finances for the Summer

But the reality is, my summer will most likely be the cheapest it has ever been. The twins are both working, paying some of their own bills and all of their own entertainment…and work is pretty steady for me.

Without a car, I have gotten in the habit of walking 3-4 miles a day…mostly to my Grandmother’s to visit or when I need to borrow her car for one reason or another. And I pass the community pool on that walk. I asked Princess if she would be interested in joining the pool this summer, and she declined.

With the increase in work, lower cost of summer and just general stillness of this summer, I am hopeful that my financial security will grow. What are your summer plans? Any activities that you are budgeting for?