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3 Things That Are Worth Saving Up For


Between the rising cost of living and the importance of saving up for big, important purchases like a house, a car, and more, it can be easy to forget to save a little extra money to treat yourself to something fun. Impulse spending on something you don’t actually *need* is not a good habit, but saving money over time to make a purchase for yourself is a great way to manage finances while still allowing yourself to have fun with the money you work so hard to make. Here are a few ideas of purchases that are worth saving for over time. 


Many people are reluctant to spend money on singular experiences since they are not a tangible item that can be kept over time. While this is a valid argument for not impulsive spending more than you can afford on a single experience, saving money over time for an enjoyable experience is worth it. This could include an event such as seeing your favorite musical artist in concert or chartering a boat for the day and heading to the lake with friends. Whatever your desired experience may be, saving money over time to spend on a day of memories is definitely worth it. 



If you are a tattoo enthusiast, saving money over time for your next big piece from a studio like Certified Tattoo Studios can make the experience even better. Tattoos can be costly, and some people have a hard time justifying such a big purchase since a tattoo is truly not a necessity. Saving money to spend on yourself, however, and treating yourself to a tattoo is a great way to indulge on a purchase that will last a lifetime. 



Professional artwork such as paintings or photographs are not cheap. While it is important for art to be priced at a high value in order to properly compensate artists for their hard work, doing so discourages the average adult from splurging on a purchase from their favorite artist. Artwork can liven up your living space or office, however, and starting your own collection is a hobby that can be extremely fulfilling. Saving small amounts of money over time that you can eventually use to splurge on artwork is a great way to treat yourself while making a practical purchase. 


If you are reluctant to spend money on yourself or on items that are non-necessities, creating saving goals and putting money towards these purchases over time can help. You work hard for your money, so you deserve to spend it on yourself every once in a while – doing so responsibly can ensure that you are able to enjoy your splurge while staying on track with your financial goals. 


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