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Does Everything Come in 3s, Part I


I am sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop. Do all bad things come in 3s? Is that the superstition?

First, trouble…I woke up this morning to a broken dryer. And it was quickly followed by another financial hit. (Details in the next post.)

A Dryer is Necessary

We kind of knew the dryer was going. I had the belt replaced a year or so ago while it was still under warranty. And Sea Cadet took part of the back apart and cleaned it out real good and replaced a few minor things a few weeks ago when it stopped drying very well. But in the last couple of days, it had begun shutting off during drying cycles, making noises, etc.

I bought it used when we first moved in here so 3 1/2 years ago. So I’m not really sure how old it is. But I imagine it is finally time for a new one. Unfortunately, the reputable place/man I purchased our current set from has died and his business closed.

Ugh! I’m willing to go about a week without one while I search for a used one from a reputable place. But I did a quick search on HomeDepot.com this morning to get an idea of new costs.

I know the BAD community will not like this, but I will only buy one from a business that offers some sort of warranty and delivery. I am not handy and do not want to deal with a “lemon” or the logistics/back pain installing one would cause me.

So wish me luck. I’m going to the local laundry mat today to see what services they offer and cost as we had a load in the dryer when it died. (I have been able to get it running a couple of times since it quit, but I am now sincerely worried about the fire hazard so am not pursuing that anymore. I’ve unplugged it and have the fire extinguisher sitting right by the laundry room door a as a precaution.)

Update: After I wrote this I receive a recommendation for a handyman who might fix dryers. I’ve put in a call and am waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, I’ve told the kids to plan for at least a week with no dryer.



Do you know who I am?


This is more of a personal update so please skip if you are only interested in money related posts.

Today is my mom’s birthday. At this time, my parents will arrive for a visit next week.And we will celebrate with her then. We all know it’s a dangerous time to travel especially for the elderly with pre-existing conditions. But they have decided to risk it.

My mom was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia several years ago and more recently Parkinsons. My dad is her caretaker. Three of my younger siblings live close and help out when needed. But it’s getting harder. My mom’s decline is noticeable. She no longer recognizes my dad.

They are coming so my mom can see her mom one more time. And even with that, they are/she is not sure she will recognize her.

My dad created a special bed in the back of their van for my mom to make the trip. They’ve been loading her up and taking short rides to get her used to it. It will be a long trip, especially with a man she doesn’t know anymore.

Right now, they plan to stay for a week but they will play it by ear depending on how my mom is doing. She will be able to see her mom in person. The facility my grandmother is in is allowing visits two days a week with an appointment.

This is their Birthplace

Since my parents were both born and raised here, this will give my dad a much needed break. We will take over caretaking duties and give him some freedom to see friends, visit his old stomping grounds and just breathe a bit.

His roots run deep here and if all my siblings weren’t already in Texas, and my mom would have accepted it, they probably would have settled here when they left Virginia. My mom is not nor has she ever been very connected so other than her mom and two brothers and us, she will not see any one or rather care to see anyone (even before her illness.)

Staying Connected

I believe I’ve written before but since COVID happened, we have had weekly video calls with whomever is available so we can see our mom/grandmother and she can see us. It has helped but with that the decline has been noticeable.

My youngest son is definitely her favorite, none of us even tries to deny it, and she just lights up when he shows up on a call. Sometimes it’s just the little things.

When she’s down or confused, our saying to her is “it’s okay if you don’t remember us, we remember you.” Thankfully despite the pain, we can all still laugh about it, but we all know things are going to change quickly from here on out.

Family Call

I’m sure us playing with the funny filters does not help her recognize us any better, but they do make her laugh. So we always end the call with a “family photo.” It may not be how we want our time to be right now, but we are definitely making the best of it.