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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from May


The Good News…

Whatever knocked me flat the last couple of weeks is slowly dissipating, thank you for your concern.

In addition to my newer part time job, I’ve picked up one decent sized web design project and two on-going small part time consulting jobs. By my educated estimates, if all goes well, this could increase my monthly take home by about $600. (This doesn’t include the web design monies as they would be more lump sum.)

The Bad News…

Last month I had anticipated receiving payment for a larger project and thus had budgeted for that income. Through no fault of my own, that project is at a stand still and thus I was about $2000 short on my budgeted income for the month.

Because of this I cleared out my newly started “emergency fund” of the whopping $150 I started with.

The Ugly…

Because of the short income, debt payoffs were a mere trickle, just barely making minimum payments across the board.

In addition, there is now some new debt, some from an expected source which I had hoped to put off a bit longer but that is no longer possible and some from a “I should have known better” source.

It has been a VERY hard week back from our wonderful get away financially, but as my sickness clears so does my head and I see the silver lining.  Lots of planning going on in my head.

(It’s Tuesday night now when I’m finally able to hold thoughts together long enough to write this.  Needless to say, I haven’t gathered any financials together yet.  After working my part time job in the morning, I hope to sit down and do that. I appreciate you bearing with me.)

Jim’s May 2014 Budget



Wife’s Disability Income: $1476.00
Jim’s Business Income: $1304.41
Jim’s Passive Income: $104.35
Side Hustles: $42.97
Total: $2927.38


Budgeted Actual Difference Percentage of Income
Auto &Transport $487.97 $487.97 $0 16.67%
Personal Loan $119.77 $119.77 $0 4.09%
Credit Card $300 $355 -$55 12.13%
Electric $100 $115 -$15 3.93%
Oil $200 $200 $0 6.83%
Phone $75 $76.61 -$1.61 2.62%
Cash $20 $0 $20 0%
Entertainment $7.99 $10.53 -$2.54 .36%
Fees & Charges $0 -$150 -$150 5.12%
Fast Food $25 $75.66 -$50.66 2.58%
Restaurants $25 $78.75 -$53.75 2.69%
Gifts & Donations $25 $24.12 $.88 .82%
Pharmacy $15 $16.85 -$1.85 .58%
Rent $600 $600 $0 20.50%
Kids $75 $53.68 $21.32 1.83%
Cigarettes $50 $50.80 -$.80 1.74%
Personal Care $25 $15.05 $9.95 .51%
Groceries $350 $132.40 $217.60 4.52%
Savings $150 $0 $150 0%
Total $2650.73 $2562.19

Debt Pay Off:  $836.24

Percentage:  28.57%


It sickens me to see exactly how much money I wasted in bank fees.  This was really easily avoidable.  Usually what happens when I pay for things, I pay with my checking and transfer the money from my savings into my checking.  It was so hectic at times this month, with spending days on end at the hospital, that I didn’t have the chance to transfer the money over a few days.  This got me to thinking that we need to get cell phone service again, something that my wife and I have been talking about.

Plus with me taking some time off of work, to be with the family during this very hard time, my income wasn’t at what it should have been.

But because of that, my business expenses were super low this month.


Budgeted Actual Difference
Advertising $25 $34.16 -$9.16 1.17%
Gas $350 $528.43 -$178.43 18.05%
Discounts $20 $0 $20 0%
Meals & Entertainment $0 $0 $0 0%
Misc. Expenses $20 $0 $20 0%
Office Expenses $40 $0 $40 0%
Postage $50 $0 $50 0%
Supplies $20 $0 $20 0%
Total $505 $562.59


Budgeted: 3155.73
Actual: 3124.78

*Just a note* I think some people suggested they would like to see the percentage that was used.  I hope this is what you were asking for.