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It is Time for My Adult Children to Adult


History Buff has now been working his full time job for a month now. But his “adult” obligations have not increased at all. He continues to pay his cell phone and auto insurance bill through me as he’s on my accounts. But otherwise, he manages his own monies and does not contribute to the household.

Sea Cadet was sent home early from his “year with Americorp” due to the virus and has been seeking employment of any kind. But he is hoping to stay in his trained profession of EMS or emergency management. Meanwhile, he has resumed his duties as volunteer firefighter is now taking the Fire I course to become a firefighter. I have been covering his cell phone and car insurance bill while he has been serving with Americorp after his savings ran out and am continuing to do so while he finds work. He gets a bi-weekly stipend from Americorp and he uses it for his living – gas for his car, oil changes, etc for now.

Twins 13th Birthday – two weeks after they were placed with me as foster kids. I cannot believe how far we have come!

The Next Phase Towards Adulthood

After much research and speaking with trusted advisors, I have decided it is time for the twins to take the next step into adulthood. And frankly, this has probably caused me more sleepless nights and questioning of my parenting than most decisions I have made…so I am certainly not sure I am right. But this is what we are doing.

  • The twins will now pay $250 per month in rent. This will help cover the household bills, the groceries and such. All of which they contribute to. They will still be expected to do weekly chores as we all do to maintain our living environment. And they will continue to pay their own cell phone and auto insurance bills through me.
  • When their phone contracts end, they are to evaluate moving onto their own plan. It will be their decision if they want to stay under my account or move out onto their own. But either way, they will begin paying the service provider rather than me. And if they do remain under me, they understand that it is a 2 year commitment.
  • They must both begin preparing and researching moving out. At this time, the goal for that is next Spring. This time period was chosen to 1) give them plenty of time and 2) free me to make a move of my own after Princess graduates and heads off to college (assuming Gymnast chooses to remain with his dad.)

One more caveat, if either of them decides to return to school full time, they are always welcome to live at home, wherever that may be, I will do my best to help support them. But at this point, neither of them is planning to pursue additional schooling at this time.

These changes kick in for History Buff beginning in May. And for Sea Cadet in June. (If Sea Cadet does go to Virginia to work at the summer camp, he will not have to pay rent while he is away, but he will resume paying his other bills as soon as he has a full time job which we anticipate will be any day now.)

What do you think? Have you had to “phase” your adult children into adulthood and out of the house and your financial care? It’s a foreign concept for me and my siblings as we were all anxious to move out. And when we did live with our parents in adulthood, there was a specific purpose and time period already in place. Again, I don’t know if this is the right move, but it’s what I’ve come up with.



The Uncertainty makes Planning Hard


Planning has been hard during this “shelter in place” time period. The kids spring break plans were all cancelled. School activities cancelled or pushed back for an indefinite amount time period. Clients are backing off and revamping their strategies. And now summer is up in the air as well…

  1. Will Princess be able to get her Drivers License?
  2. Will Gymnast be able to get his Drivers Permit?
  3. Will the kids get to visit their Grandparents?
  4. Will Princess’ dad be able to bring her the car he has promised her for her birthday?
  5. Will Sea Cadet be able to work at the summer camp this summer?
  6. Will Princess be able to take college classes this summer?
  7. Will History Buff and Sea Cadet be able to see their girlfriends (both who live in Virginia?)

And the list goes on and on. What about you? Do you have plans that are completely messed up now and you are not sure what will happen? Do you have kids that are driving you bonkers with their questions and desires that you cannot answer…

The road ahead is foggy and uncertain, but I am determined to make the best of it!

May will be a Full Month

Needless to say, for this goal oriented, planning mama, this is a struggle. So I am focusing on being more conscious and planning with the things I do have control of. For instance, I have control of my schedule, lots of free time and what I spend the money coming in on. With that being said, I am preparing for May now.

  • Princess will turn 16.
  • School will end for both Gymnast and Princess.
  • Work is picking up again, but still leaving me with lots of free time.
  • I/we need a new side hustle that does not cost a great deal of money and can help keep Princess and Gymnast occupied. (I’m hoping Princess will be able to get a job, but the chances are iffy in the current environment.)

Financial Challenge for May

Here’s what I’ve come up with…

  1. May will be a no spend month – no eating out/picking up food from drive throughs, and I will meal plan for the month in advance so hope to cut grocery’s down to the very minimum.
  2. I am preparing for Princess’ birthday this month. Still brainstorming ways to make the day actually special. But I’ve already ordered a few small gifts since her “big gift” will be driving related in some sense.
  3. We will start a creative side hustle of re-purposing old doors, windows and furniture. To prepare for this, I am getting things together this month:
    • I’ve been picking up odds and ends off FB Marketplace for less than $5 and our house is full of true antiques passed down by family that need to be refinished.
    • Picking up “ooops” payment from Home Depot (History Buff works there so he checks every day for paint mess ups that cost $0.50-$2 per quart.)
    • Reviewing repurposed ideas on the internet to be inspired and see if there are items we need. Thankfully, the twins have a good assortment of tools so we are mostly set. I did order a set of saw horses – $40 – to be delivered in early May.

While May is going to be full of events, we are going into it with a No Spend Month plan. If we focus on the trial and creative aspect of our new side hustle, perhaps we can spend the next months monetizing it. Are you interested in a two prong challenge for May…No Spend and Create New Opportunities!