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Completely Blown Up


My budget is completely blown for this month and probably next as well.  Why you ask?

The house needs to be painted, and power washed, landscaping cleaned up and prettied up, two inside doors need replacing, and the list goes on and on and on.  I mean, like 20 things that need to be done around here that I cannot do.  While my dad said he would take care of getting the house ready to sale once I moved out, I don’t feel right leaving him with that.  It’s our mess (it’s not really a mess, just day to day living and things you do to sell a house) and we should be responsible for it.  So I’m doing my best to get most of it done before we move out.  So when he comes into town a week later…voila, it’s ready to go on the market.  At least that’s my goal!

So while I hoped to put up a new monthly budget either this week or next, well, it’s going to have to wait at least a couple more weeks so I can get this housework done.  All but minimum debt payments are on hold until we move out.

Now the bright side…my “deal” for moving into the apartment is that I get October free and 1/2 of November free.  So hopefully, I will catch right back up with my momentum, not to mention all the monies from the sale of stuff and we will be on track or maybe *crossing fingers a little ahead.

Look for a new proposed budget closer to move date.  I did get the “average” utility costs from the apartment management so I can plan that way.


Jim’s June 2014 Budget


Woohoo! I was able to get a hold of the laptop and get the info off that I needed!


Wife’s Disability Income: $1476.00
Jim’s Business Income: $1746.90
Jim’s Passive Income: $104.00
Total: $3326.90


Budgeted Actual Difference Percentage of Income
Auto &Transport $487.97 $858.34 -$370.37 25.80%
Personal Loan $119.77 $119.77 $0 3.60%
Credit Card $300 $122.80 177.20 3.69%
Electric $100 $128 -$28 3.85%
Oil $0 $0 $0 0%
Phone $75 $76.60 -$1.60 2.30%
Cash $20 $0 $20 0%
Entertainment $7.99 $10.53 -$2.54 .32%
Fees & Charges $0 -$0 -$0 0%
Fast Food $25 $28.67 -$3.67 .86%
Restaurants $25 $37 -$12 1.1%
Gifts & Donations $25 $0 $25 0%
Pharmacy $15 $0 $15 0%
Rent $600 $600 $0 18.03%
Kids $75 $89.78 -$14.88 2.70%
Cigarettes $50 $51.10 -$1.10 1.54%
Personal Care $25 $14 $11 .42%
Groceries $350 $191.15 $158.85 5.75%
Summer Time $150 $35.45 $114.55 1.07%
Clothing $0 $174.09 -$174.09 5.23%
Total $2450.73 $2537.38

Debt Pay Off:  $604.04

Percentage:  18.16%

I added a few items on my budget and it worked out pretty nicely even though one of the categories I went over. Almost everyone needed clothing, and even though I have been going to yard sales every Saturday, I haven’t found anything. This has got to be the worse yard sale season that I can remember. This category will come back for August’s budget with school/fall coming up.

I also added the category Summer Time, knowing that we will be doing some of the stuff I mentioned here.

I have been doing excellent in the Grocery shopping, but I know that this will come to a screeching halt when I start running out of ingredients needed to cook meals with.

A little disappointed with the percentage I actually paid toward debt this month, but that couldn’t be helped with 25% of my income going to fixing the van.



Budgeted Actual Difference Percentage Of Income
Advertising $25 $7.99 -$17.01 .24%
Gas $500 $526.04 -$26.04 15.81%
Discounts $20 $0 $20 0%
Meals & Entertainment $0 $106.92 -$106.92 3.21%
Misc. Expenses $20 $0 $20 0%
Office Expenses $40 $0 $40 0%
Education $60 $59.78 $0.22 1.80%
Postage $50 $8.87 $41.13 .27%
Supplies $20 $0 $20 0%
Total $735 $709.60


Budgeted: 3185.73
Actual: 3246.98

Bumping up my Gas budget an extra $150 didn’t really do anything, but I did notice that I was consistently over $500 a month in Gasoline. So I might as well account for it. I really don’t know how to really make this less. There really isn’t any public transportation in my area, and everything you must drive to get to.

I am not sure if I should add to the budget in the Meals & Entertainment section of my business, as I never know when I will talking with a client. If needed I would dive into the Business Savings, for these meetings always takes my business further along.

All in all, if it wasn’t for the van needing somethings I would have been way under budget, which I am pretty proud of. Hopefully the momentum can continue.