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A Gift From My Credit Card Company


I am part of an “appreciation” program with my credit card. I get so many points for every dollar that I spend with my credit card.

The other day, I got an envelope in the mail and it said “Gift For You.” I was thinking – hmmm….maybe they lowered my interest rate or increased my balance again.

I never would have imagined what was in that envelope!

It was a sheet of detachable magnets. On the magnets were words such as “joy”, appreciation, happy, simple things … you get the idea. I hate to be so cynical, but I really wish they would use the money I pay for finance charges to a better use than some magnets.

Fine…I admit it, I did play with them for a few minutes but that was it – LOL.

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Now Who Is Going To Make the Money?


I thought this was cute, and I had to share.

I am a work-at-home-mom (WAHM). My job does entail working normal business hours, so my husband is responsible for the child care when I am working.

My son comes in my office and tells me “Momma no work no more. Me make the money!”

The way he said it almost convinced me. When I am older, I would welcome him making the money for me 🙂

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