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Work from Home: Tutoring


Since I have been following the work from home field for quite some time, I thought it could be beneficial to share my knowledge of believed legitimate work-from-home companies. As always, use your judgement when applying for positions. If someone asks for money – RUN!

Here are the online tutoring companies that have a legitimate reputation. Both of these positions will require a computer and they pay $10/hr last I knew.

I actually worked for this company, and it is legit. However, I did not have a great experience with them because they accused me of something that wasn’t true and acted on someone else’s word before asking me anything. I didn’t appreciate that, and I lost hours because of it. They did end up apologizing for their error, but I quit anyways. The last I knew, the minimum requirement was a bachelor’s degree in any subject and the hours vary morning to night.

I have not worked for this company, but all of the things I have read have been positive about this company. It looks like they are looking for certified teachers. To learn more, click the link above. A note – it looks like they are hiring right now.

There are a few others that I have heard of, but I haven’t read enough about them to feel comfortable listing here. There are also some companies that hire tutors to teach English as a second language.

As always, a great place to learn more is the wahm.com forums.

So, what do you think ?