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My Husband Quit His Job


UPDATE My husband did ask for his job back, but changed his schedule to work during the week. The extra money coming from his income was hard to give up in light of our debt reduction situation.


My husband came home from work on Saturday and told me that he gave his notice at work. It has been something that we have discussed him doing, seeing as though I am working a few different jobs right now and he should really be focusing on developing his business and getting more clients.

I just didn’t know he’d was going to do it so soon, and when he told me, I had to catch my breath.

I want him to do it, and I want his business to succeed. At the same time, I get the feeling of uncertainty in my stomach. My husband’s income contributed about $500/month to our total income and it has been helping to pay more towards our debt recently. We will no longer have that, so I have been busy taking a look at all of our expenses and running various scenarios in my head. Where can we cut? Are there any monthly payments we can eliminate right now to free up extra money per month? May 31st is his last day, so I do have some time to think things through.

I believe in my heart this is for the best, but with any great leap of faith…it’s tough.