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A Question for Those With Children


Yesterday, we went out to look at Christmas lights (which were real pretty) but first we stopped at the local department store to get my son a new coat. His coat was getting a little small and it was time to upgrade.

In the store, my son was off the wall! He was hyper times 100 – running into things and crawling on the floor. He has been like that for a few days now, and I can’t help but wonder if it has to do with Christmas being only a few days away.

He wasn’t like that last year, but then again he was younger. Maybe this is the year that he really understands and anticipates Christmas.

Is this a syndrome that as I first time parent I am just discovering? 🙂


  • Reply D |

    I’m laughing, not at you, but with the memories in my mind. I remember all of my kids when they hit this stage, seemed to last a couple of years. Looking back it is a wonderful memory, but I do remember your stress.

    Here is what I think, note, I am not a doctor or child anything – just a mom.

    He is a boy and a child. Basically all is good – he is normal. I remember being so upset about my kids acting, as I know now, like kids. Now, I see other people with this same situation and tell them “enjoy it” I even smile along. Let your baby, son and child, be a kid as long as possible. Don’t worry what people think. As long as he isn’t being rude or hurtful, let him enjoy his world. And when you can, smile and enjoy it with him. Everything is brand new again.

    You are a lucky mom.

  • Reply MotoMom |

    It is hard when normally well behaved kids act like normal kids! What I find works best is making sure that the kids are not tired or hungry. A quick snack before heading out makes a big difference. Defining clear expectations before going into the store also helps. And of course every chance you get catch him being good and let him know you like that behavior.

  • Reply Mandi |

    He may have been excited to know a trip to the store was “All For Him” and may have been excited about looking for/at Christmas lights. That is always exciting for us.

    When was his last day of school for the holiday. You don’t have to answer for safty, but some schools got out of school on Thursday and that is a long break for the kids to get excited for. I’m expecting an “All Out Exciting Night” tonight.

So, what do you think ?