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What Hit Me Like a Brick Yesterday


What hit me like a brick after starting to read, “The Millionaire Next Door,” is that perhaps my way of thinking is why I am not farther ahead in terms of my net worth and financial well-being.

Let me explain…

I have heard and read repeatedly that when you dream, you have to dream big. Dreaming big often means dreaming of being a millionaire. Well, in my mind, I could never dream that because I didn’t want that life. I don’t want the fancy cars or the homes so big that you do not even use every room. I just wanted (and still do) a simpler life and I always felt that large amounts of money brought trouble.

So what I have done is dream small, so to speak, and perhaps that has hindered my progress on a subconscious level.

The book gives a great example of a Texan that sticks out in my mind. At first glance, no one would think he was a millionaire. The material possessions in his life did not follow the “traditional” millionaire items. No fancy suits, no fancy watches, no fancy house, etc. If I could be a millionaire – that’s the type I would want to be right there. And I realized it is possible be a millionaire and live the life I want.

I have been trying to say to myself, “I will be a millionaire” and I still cannot say it. But I am working on it. I have a feeling once I can say it and truly mean it, then I will be open to more possibilities in my life.

It’s funny because this is supposed to be about my journey to become debt-free. But I now realize that becoming debt-free can only be achieved by undertaking another journey – the journey for personal growth.

My Reading for the Next Few Days or So


I received a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble a few months ago, which spurred my post on Gift Certificate-paresis. I’m glad to report that I finally placed an order and I received the first of the four books I ordered in the mail today (I bought used to get more bang for my buck ;).

The one I received today I have read much about and I am just itching to dive into it. It’s “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. I’ve already peeked at the first few pages, and I like what I see so far. I have a feeling that this could be one of the books that I read in a few sittings.

Of course, when I am finished I will sit down and share my thoughts about the book with everyone 🙂