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Blogging Away Debt Has Reached 50,000 Visitors!


I’m up with my son a little early this morning (he doesn’t quite understand yet that when you don’t have school you can sleep in LOL), and I took a look at my site and I have reached 50,000 visitors since moving my blog to my own domain in July.

The 50,000th visitor arrived here by searching “prosper.com loans paid early” on Google. I sure hope I can pay off my Prosper.com loan early, but for now I am still chugging away on another credit card first.

Anyways, I just want to thank all of my readers for visiting. You all help to keep me going, for there have been times that I’ve been depressed and felt the urge to just go and spend an insane amount of money on my credit cards. But I haven’t. Thank you everyone πŸ™‚


  • Reply jim |

    Congratulations! I remember when you were so little and precocious with your blogspot site… now, you have your own domain and you’re all growns up!

  • Reply Amy |

    Before I married my husband, I had no debt. After we got married, he wanted a pool, we borrowed 50g. Then, I realized he owes 2,500 on his credit card, so we borrowed another 50g from his relatives. Now, I’ve founed out he borrowed another 10g. I had plans to pay off my 5,000 furniture debt. Now, I’m tired of chasing after him trying to pay off his debt. I’m pretty sure he’ll use his other credit card again. Help!

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