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Are You At Odds With Your Spouse or Significant Other about Debt?


I received an email from a writer for a well-known magaine and she is looking for people to interview for an article about relationships and debt.

“I’m interested in talking to people who are, or have ever been, in a situation where they’ve been at odds with their spouse or significant other about money — attitudes toward money, and specifically, debt, and ways of managing money and debt. For example, shopaholic Wife tries to hide her expensive shoe purchases from thrifty Husband. Or a man lies to his fiance about how much debt (credit-card debt, student-loan debt, etc.) he has — or at least fails to mention it for some time. You get the idea – broadly speaking, the issue of debt compatibility.

Do you think you would be a good fit for the story (or do you know anyone that would be)? I’d love to chat.”

So, if this sounds interesting to you, please email me at bloggingawaydebt [at] yahoo [dot] com and I will forward your email to her so she can follow up with you.


  • Reply K.R. |

    BTW, sorry, we are getting counseling for this. Thanks everyone. I am still dealing with the shock of it.

  • Reply Yolanda |

    I think my story is probably the worst of all, my husband ( boyfriend ) at the time didn’t have any credit so he used my cards saying he would pay it. He accumalated 50,000 on my cards very quickly. I asked him when it would be paid he just replied that we would pay the minimum balance. This went on for years until last year he was in a bad finiancial situation and I had to let my great credit go bad. He also made me borrow Money against my house so he can build houses and put the money back , instead he bought a mercedes and didn’t make the Money back with building . The lender took me to court and I had to take out another loan for $400,000 to pay that loan. I owe a lot of Monet on my house. When ge does make some money he pays some bills and leaves others. He shops like he’s a millionaire and drives nice cars but he doesn’t care that all this debt is in my name. The reason I haven’t left him is because we now have 3 beautiful boys. But I really truly have enough!!! What should I do? I wanna sell the house but he keeps talking me it’s a long term investment that just goes up and up. We do live in the best street in our city.

So, what do you think ?