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So, Who Gets My Copy of “The Millionaire Next Door?”


Today’s the day to announce who will receive my copy of “The Millionaire Next Door.” I received some great entries:

“Hello Tricia,

I would love to have your copy of the “Millionaire Next Door”. I didn’t email earlier because I am of the mind set, to let someone else have the gift. Why? I don’t really know. I know, kind of strange. Anyway, I read that you received no emails and that is terrible. I am a full believer that you should read and learn anything you can. If for nothing else but the sure growth of self and respect for other opinions.

I would probably pay it forward just as you did with a listing on my blog Divorce 2 Financial Freedom. I think it does more good to send it off into the world. Maybe God will direct it to the person who needs it most.

So, hold my entry to the bottom and give to the one who needs it most. Don’t worry I will obtain this book someday anyway!”

From Denise at Divorce 2 Financial Freedom

“I’d like to read the book. I believe current income has very little to do with future income, and I’d like a little inspiration. My husband and I would like to become “the millionaires next door”. Blogging is part of the picture, but I’m always interested in other thoughts. By the way, we’re in a similar situation with regards to credit card debt. Our blog income is helping to accelerate our payments.”

From Jill at www.jillmanty.com

“Hi Tricia,

Ran across your blog through here: http://www.mdmproofing.com/iym/weblog/.

I would like to join you on your journey to pass this book around. I’m personally reading “Millionaire Women Next Door” and it’s very interesting. I want to also read the original version.”

From Flower

“Hi Tricia

I’m surprised someone hasn’t already emailed you already so I thought I’d give it a try. Like you I’m in the 40k range when it comes to family salary and I have no aspirations of ever being a millionaire so I typically avoid books like these, but something you said in your review really struck a chord with me:

“Learning about yourself and the way you live and how you treat money. Learning about yourself and how you view others. Learning about how you perceive wealth. See the common denominator here? It’s YOU!!”

I’ve been thinking a lot lately that it really is all about a person’s attitudes and I think my and my boyfriends attitudes towards money need some work so that we can learn to be happy with what we’ve got and not want more.”

From Kassy at Sparing Change

Thank you for everyone who entered. It was a tough decision. Denise, you are very much like me with wanting it to go someone else. You gave probably the answer that I would have gave – LOL. Jill, I have watched you and your husband’s blogs and what you have done with them. Your ingenuity with blogging and your willingness to help others is awesome! Flower, that’s great that you will be blogging about reducing your debt. When your site is set up, please let me know I’d love to link to you!

That leaves Kassy. One thing that I believe with all of my heart is that a person can accomplish so much when they have the right attitude and the willingness to improve themself. I see that sparkle in your entry and I hope that reading “The Millionaire Next Door” will open your eyes as it did mine. You will be receiving my copy and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it and I can’t wait till the giveaway on your blog. Please email me your address by July 15 and I will mail it out to you 🙂

If for some reason I do not hear from Kassy by then, I will choose a runner-up. Again, a thank you to everyone who entered 🙂

Welcome to the Carnival of Debt Reduction #42!!


Welcome to the 42nd Carnival of Debt Reduction!!

Without further ado, here are this week’s articles for your reading pleasure:

Working on Your Attitude….

…”No excuses. There is a path to success for everyone. Now, get moving.”

Steve Faber presents Success is at Your Doorstep posted at Debt Free.

…”if you do take charge of your debt, it will become easier to pay them off.”

Pete at My Financial Awareness presents True Story on Prosperity to Get Out of Debt.

Advice on How to Get out of Debt….

…”If the reason you are in debt is because you have a hard time actually paying your bills at all, there are three things you can do”

Supermom_in_ny presents Three Ways To Conquer Debt! posted at Getting Out of Debt.

…”I’m more in
the pay off your debt, then save to invest cash crowd.”

FMF at Free Money Finance presents Comments: Over One-Quarter of the Population on the Brink of Financial Disaster, Need Discipline.

Watching Your Debt…

…”If I wanted to refinance, I’d probably have a tough time finding a loan for that price…”

Mapgirl at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge presents Calculating Your Blended Rate.

…”The current environment of rising rates can play havoc
with the average family’s budget.”

Julie presents Surviving Rising Interest Rates posted at Money @ Families.com.

…”start locking themselves in a trap where they must keep on working to pay down the mortgage.”

Harrison Loke at Journey To Financial Freedom presents Something We Should know about Home Loan and Mortgage.

Saving/Earning Extra Money to Go Towards Debt

…”We are very tight on our grocery budget and I hate to waste money on any paper products…”

Amy Allen Clark at The MotherLoad presents Solution for Cheap Trash Bags.

…”For the past several months I’ve been on the lookout for little, simple ways I could make some extra money”

The Family CEO presents Making My Money Count posted at The Family CEO.

If You Are Already in Debt, Don’t Make Things Worse…

…”Had I been an identity thief, I really could’ve ruined your life today”

Wenchypoo at Frugal Wisdom from Wenchypoo’s Warehouse presents Ebony Hall, I saved your financial life today.

A few notes: A thank you to all who submitted articles this week. It was my pleasure to read them all and I found some great new blogs to visit regularly. Just a reminder, though, that the Carnival of Debt Reduction is for personal experiences with debt reduction and/or advice on how to reduce debt. There were a few off-topic submissions this week that I just couldn’t put in a debt reduction category (but were personal finance related): Discover Card Get Set for Fall and Car Buying Tip – Money Down.

Next week, the Carnival moves on over to My Money Forest.