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Friday Blog Highlight


Thank goodness it’s Friday!  I am about worn out this week and the weekend sounds very nice right now.  I’m not sure if I’m worn out due to lack of caffeine or it’s just been a rough week at work.  Probably a combination of both.

This Friday, I am highlighting a personal finance blog.  It’s one that I often visit.  While thinking of a way to describe this blog, I came up with a few things:

1.)  He lives in Hawaii – that in itself is pretty cool.

2.)  He has an adorable doggie.

3.)  He let his readers ask him and his doggie anything.  That was pretty brave right there, if you ask me! LOL.

4.)  He discusses some off-topic things, such as bullying.  It’s something that I worry about for my son.

5.)  It’s just a well-written and interesting blog.  It’s real personal and I enjoy that.

Financial Freedumb, I enjoy your blog and I look forward to reading more from you 🙂


Interesting Links for the Day…


Yep, one of those days again. I just don’t have anything to say. Probably because my brain hurts from thinking a lot today at work.

So, here’s some links to some articles that I’ve found interesting lately:

The Relationship Between Clutter and Debt
I liked this article. I am finding that as our debt is decreasing, I want to decrease the clutter in our house as well. I believe The Family CEO is onto something here…

Freezer Comes Tomorrow
Besides cracking up over the picture on this article, I learned a few new things to that one can freeze. Informative read.

Last Post Before Wedding and a Confession
With a juicy title like that, I just had to look. It turns out, calgirlfinance hasn’t told her very soon-to-be husband everything yet. Interesting. Part of me wonders how things would be today if I didn’t tell my husband.

I hope you enjoy 🙂