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The Benefits of FX Trading Australia in 2018


Also known as foreign exchange, forex is the world’s largest and most liquid market whose retail part was birthed as a result of internet development. The internet allowed traders to carry out online fx trading Australia through various trading platforms. The foreign exchange market opened its doors to retail traders in the late 1990s, it was during this time when the first retail online brokers began their operations. Foreign exchange, as a market has been existing and functioning for decades before retail forex trading but it only allowed institutional clients.

At present, there are trillions of US dollars being traded daily on the forex market with retail clients contributing about 5% of the total volume which is avbout $250 billion in daily turnover. But why is the forex market so large? Well, financial institutions, large multinational trade companies and hedge funds among a plethora of other companies require foreign currencies to run their businesses. With Rakuten fx trading, one currency is bought online for another currency thus creating a reasonable flow of funds. Therefore, the foreign exchange market is the global place for currency trading.

Now that you have some basic understanding on what the foreign exchange market is, take a look at the benefits of trading in the fx market in 2018 and how to become successful at online trading.

Advanced technology

The advancement of software and technology in general continue to make our lives much easier. The same is true with online fx trading Australia. Every year, new trading platforms emerge and there are even more regular updates for established forex trading software. Advancement in technology is one of the major reasons why forex is among the most potentially lucrative markets to trade as compared to many other online trading markets.

Education materials

Since Forex is the most accessible market to trade, plenty of rookie traders are opening accounts on a daily basis. To ensure that this group is of people has the basic knowledge of online forex trading and can learn to trade efficiently, forex brokers are coming up with new learning materials. They supply these materials to newbie traders to enhance their knowledge in trading thus making forex the most beginner-friendly market to trade.

Bonuses and promotions

Due to the leverage they offer, forex brokers are able to create substantial trading volumes. For this reason, it is often quite possible for you to be rewarded with a certain deposit bonus when you open a Rakuten forex trading account. But why is the foreign exchange market the most exciting to trade in? Because aside from bonuses, brokers offer a variety of other incentives as well as promotions.


Social networks are becoming popular each day and since forex is the largest market, it has the largest number of trading networks and forums.  Through such networks, you get to experience a whole community of fx traders thus making forex the most social market to trade in. Seeing as how quickly the retail market has developed over the last decade or so, you can easily find plenty of critics, experts, educators, contributors and other members of the community in almost any language.


Even though mastering the craft of forex trading Australia takes time, once you do it, a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities opens up for you. With plenty of practice and experience, you may eventually become an account manager and start getting profits from your trading. Similarly, you can also make extra money through getting commissions from managing accounts.

If you are new to forex trading, don’t make the mistake of thinking of it as an easy money making career as some people do. Foreign exchange trading is actually quite difficult even though it tends to be highly engaging. To become a successful trader you need a robust trading plan, efficient capital management techniques, perseverance, the ability to take risks and continuous learning.


How to Get your Free Credit Score


A good credit score is your key to disounts in borrowing from the bank and insurance, which includes auto policies and home policies. It can also be critical for getting a job or a rental home.

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s 2014 Financial Literacy Survey exposed that despite being able to get an annual free copy of their credit score from AnnualCreditReport.com, 65% of Americans hadn’t requested their credit report during the past 12 months.

That’s hazardous because unnoticed errors on your credit report may cost important credit-score points and give rise to loan denials – and higher rates of interest if you’re authorized for a credit card or loan.

Here are three different methods to get your free credit score report so that you may check for errors, mistakenly noted debt, and discover ways to enhance your credit score.

Get Annual Credit Score Report Free

You may order your free credit score reports online from annualcreditreport.com, the one approved website for free credit reports. This is the only site approved to issue free credit reports, so be aware of fake websites that charge unneeded fees. Prepare yourself to give and confirm your personal information, like your social security number and address.

You may also ask for your free credit score report by phone or by email. If you’re making a big purchase, including a car or home, it is a great idea to obtain your credit report from all three agencies. Save and print your reports so that you can review them afterward.

Get Credit Score Report From Credit Card Company

You shouldn’t use a new card only to get your credit report, however, you could use your current card as a gauge of where you are, particularly if your current credit card delivers a free monthly credit score or a free copy of your credit report.

Some of the most widely used credit cards provide free monthly credit scores, such as American Express, Bank of America, Chase, Citi, and Discover.

Keep in mind that the scores are not FICO scores, but they’re free credit scores that can be useful keep an eye on your score and look for changes and bogus activity.

Use A Free Credit Tracking Service

Lastly, there are actually free credit monitoring services that can offer you a glance of what your credit score could be. One major company is Credit Sesame. It uses score which is much like your FICO score and is determined by your credit history.

It is free to use and can help you keep an eye on and enhance your credit.

Final Words

Now you understand how to get a free credit report, and you have got the tools from credit monitoring services you should fully grasp and improve your credit score .

Have you picked up a copy of your free credit report yet? Share in the comments below!