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5 Money Saving Travel Tips That Work


Booking a flight can be an expensive ordeal alone, let alone paying out for your accommodation on top. Luckily for you, travelling for less is possible. Whilst you may have to make your money last on the road, there are several things you can take into consideration before you even leave home to help you save a little bit of extra cash, including by mix and matching your flight. Whilst companies such as Wizzcash might help you in financial emergencies, such as an unexpected medical bill when you return home from your travels, you can save money while you’re travelling to ensure you’re budgeting for any such occurrence. Here, we’ve put together five money-saving travel tips that enable you to have the holiday of a lifetime without worrying about the expense!


  • Mix & Match Your Flight


One of the best ways to save money is through your flights, and the way to do this is by mix and matching your airlines. Undoubtedly, booking your flight with one airline is straightforward, but by using Skyscanner’s ‘flexible’ search tool, you can find the cheapest price in minutes. As well as saving money by flying out and returning with different airlines, you can also save money by checking in at different airports. If you are visiting a major holiday destination, especially, you will often have a selection of airports to choose from. Whilst it isn’t always possible to use different airports, mix and matching your airlines can save you a considerable amount of money that you can spend on holiday.


  • Save On Foreign Currency Exchange


We understand that withdrawing money abroad can be expensive, and even though using a debit card can be much cheaper than a credit card, most major banks will charge for each cash withdrawal on top of a costly commission fee regardless. A great way to save on foreign currency exchange is by taking out larger sums of cash, so that you can avoid commission charges by taking out less money more frequently. Further to this, when travelling abroad, you should find out whether or not you will be charged for using your debit card for each purchase or not. With this knowledge, you can then make an informed decision regarding exactly how much money you will need to avoid these additional charges at all costs.


  • Tap Into Technology


There are numerous travel apps that can help you save a lot of money when travelling, whether it is by car, air or sea. Without even realising, some of these useful apps may already be on your phone! Uber, for example, enables you to use your Uber account in any city where Uber operates, which can help you save a significant amount of money travelling to and from your holiday accommodation alone. If you plan to take public transport for additional savings, Citymapper is a great app that provides you with some of the best public transport options in cities across the world.


  • Do A Home Swap


We understand that accommodation abroad can be expensive, which is why a home swap could be the perfect option for you. What’s more, more often than not, a home swap is completely free. Whilst you will have to be comfortable with a stranger being in your home too, a home swap provides you with the perfect opportunity to visit a new country. Even though it may sound daunting, home swaps arranged with an official online listing service are completely safe! If you are not comfortable with the idea of a stranger entering you home, a great way to save money when travelling is to check into multiple hostels along the way.


  • Borrow, Don’t Buy!


Now that you have booked your holiday, borrow – don’t buy! Travel adapters, luggage tags and suitcases are all expensive items that are required for your trip. To ensure that you can travel happy without the expensive, speak to your family, friends and even next door neighbour to find out if you can borrow any of these items for the duration of your trip. More often than not, they will be more than happy to let you borrow their suitcase because chances are, it won’t be in use. If you are embarking on a ski trip, for example, you may even be able to borrow a ski jacket or trousers to help you save!

We have all heard of money saving travel tips that supposedly work, but these secrets really do allow you to save a significant amount of money when you travel. Before you next travel, why not consider mix and matching your flights and tapping into technology to reduce the cost of your memorable trip? After all, who doesn’t like to save money when possible? You’ll certainly thank us!


Public Schools – One Week Later


This is more of a personal update rather than a financial one, so please feel free to skip if not interested.

The kids have now been enrolled in the local public schools for one week. It has been a raging success from the very first day.

First day of school


Gymnast went in as a 7th grader, after completing the assessment the district provided. He tested much higher for reading but right on grade level for math. They wanted to put him in gifted classes, but I chose to keep him right at grade level while we work through this transition. His statements after the first day:

  • “Mom, two girls said they like me.”
  • “I got to sit at lunch with all my friends.”
  • “Public school is so easy.” (We will see how long that lasts.)

His favorite class – PE! And he’s decided he does not want to ride the public school bus after hearing horror stories. He’s already had no less than 3 coaches come up to him to recruit him to their sport. It’s going to be interesting to see if he gets tempted away from gymnastics. (He’s already been told he can not quit mid-season, but after April if he wants to, we can discuss other sports for the fall.)

Gymnast is VERY HIGH maintenance when it comes to clothes. As you may recall, they received clothing money a couple of months ago, but at the time they did not know that would be attending public school. Let’s face it, staying home all day and then going to gym requires a bit different wardrobe then going to public school every day. But I was not going to provide any more money. Instead, I took the money their dad sent for Christmas presents for them and let them spend it as they wanted on clothes. They each received $75 and had their own money to add to it.

Gymnast purchased the expensive shoes ($80) and then spent $5 on the t-shirt.  He already had the jeans and he received the jacket from his grandfather for Christmas ($25.) I pay for once a month haircuts for him ($10,) he chose to wait until the end of the month for this one so it would be fresh for school.


Princess went on to the high school, skipping at least one grade. We are not sure if she is going in as a second semester freshman or a sophomore. It will be determined after the public school district evaluates her transcript and class documentation of what she has done thus far. I am really happy with the choice to move her up, she is definitely ready.

Princess is my frugal, don’t care what I wear child. She chose to shop at the Goodwill Thrift Store with her clothing money. She bought several things and spent about $26 there. Then she went on to Walmart where she got these pants that she loves. I’m pretty sure she still has some money left. I love that she has her own style and is completely comfortable in her own skin. She’s definitely my child, goes for comfort over fashion any time!

Her biggest splurge was her hair. This is crocheted hair. It was our first time every trying it. Everything you can see is fake. Her real hair is braided underneath and the fake hair is crocheted in. The girl who did it charged us $40 and it took just under 2 hours to do. We also had to buy the hair which was just at $40.  We split the cost. I pay for her hair styles 1-3 times a year since it costs significantly more and Gymnast once a month at $10.


The choice to send the kids to public school has caused me more stress than any other decision I have ever made, ever. At times, my fears threaten to overwhelm me. But I continue to try to remain positive. They are definitely loving it.

The logistics aren’t ask challenging as I thought they would be. We are all getting up early enough to eat breakfast together. It’s a good way to start the day. They are both taking their lunches. And then on days we must go to sports training directly from school, I pack a small cooler with snacks for them to have when I pick them up.

Sea Cadet has really stepped up to helping at home, cleaning the kitchen after whirlwind mornings, prepping dinner on late nights and so on.  He started back to his college classes this week. Taking 17 hours this semester and working part time at a local coffee shop.

I can’t say I like this arrangement, but I will say it has not been as bad as it could have been/was in my head. I’ve requested parent teacher conferences with the kids teachers be set up in 2-3 weeks so I can check in our their transitions.  But so far, so good.