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Discussing Two Common Forms of Quick Loans


Financial instability can arise at any point of time. This is why both individuals as well as business houses need to avail financial assistances from time to time. While individuals might need financial aids in order to meet some expenses which have cropped out of nowhere, businesses need to ensure an unperturbed cash flow for the smooth growth of their business and thus need financial advances. Normally one would turn to the conventional finance organizations like the banks to avail a loan. However, if the need is urgent a bank would be of no use. These institutions take quite a lot of time to verify the applicant’s documents and sanction the loan. By the time the loan will be finally sanctioned the need for the cash will be long past.

Quick Loans

Quick loans are given out to the plaintiff of a lawsuit. The matter is finally resolved by the court and hence the name. In case a plaintiff is in need of immediate money for medical emergencies or any such matter, these loans can be really beneficial for them.

There are several other forms of quick loans also, which are available in abundance in the market. All one would need to do is go online and check out the potential loan providers and make an online application for the financial assistance.

Logbook Loans

Another type of quick loan is the loan availed against the logbook of one’s vehicle. This loan is also available within twenty four hours from application. Just like the quick loans, no credit check is conducted upon the applicant in this case. Therefore the time taken for this loan to get sanctioned is also low.

Summarizing the Two

Both Quick and logbook loans do not require the applicant to mortgage any of his belongings. In case of the logbook loan, the loan providers are happy with the logbook or the V5 document of the vehicle itself. Also the repayment options are flexible unlike the traditional loans and the rates of interest upon these loans are also comparatively lower. In most cases the cash advances are received within twenty four hours. The money is transferred to the applicant’s savings or checking account directly.

There are a number of companies offering short term loans. What one would need to do is research well about the loan options available. Collect information on the various packages offered by the companies; compare them with each other and then zeroing upon the one that suits one’s needs the most. This is the best way to go for it. Morgan Finance is one company which offers reliable loan packages.


When you Find an Extra Money


I remember a time very clearly when I was cleaning out an old binder and stumbled upon a hidden stash of money. Or those times when you are cleaning out the pockets of your laundry and find a wadded up $20. Finding extra money is always a blessing.

Many times, I can quickly recall when I put that money there. But every time, I do a little jump for joy at finding some “extra.”

Bookkeeping Error


As you know, money has been very tight around here. I am pinching pennies left and right. Borrowing from peter to pay paul. And sometimes taking things a bit too far.

What I haven’t told you is that our water was cut off last month. Now don’t jump down my throat, read the details first.

First, it was off for less than 5 hours. But it shouldn’t have happened.

I schedule all my payments through my bank account. I have learned the hard way, now to schedule a payment until I have the money in the bank. (Clients do not always pay when they say they will, so I no longer count the money until I have it in hand. Although I use forecasting to know what I expect to come in and when.)

This particular bill is due on the 10th of each month. I was not able to schedule the payment until the 21st (and then it takes a week to arrive.) So the check was literally in the mail.

On the 25th, we woke up to no water. I was 15 days late, and had not ever been late before. They had cut my water off!

I was able to call them and make a payment over the phone and they turned the water back on within a couple of hours. But wow, that taught me a lesson about being late with the utilities here!

Fast Forward to This Month

The payment for the water bill is still due by the 10th of every month. I scheduled it to arrive on the 6th.

Since then, I have been watching to make sure the check was cashed, and I was not at risk for having my water turned off again. And I waited and I waited.

Today, I started to get nervous as we approach the 10 day past due period. Before I called the utility company to confirm they received it, I decided to check the bank one more time.

And there is was, cashed on the 6th. I don’t know how I missed it!

But I am not at risk for getting our water cut off again, and I have an extra $108 to spend. (I track my day to day availability on an Excel spreadsheet which I also use to forecast. This lets me know what’s coming up and how what I do today will affect the future months out.)

It’s not quite the same as finding a stash of cash in a binder or hidden in the pockets of your jeans, but I’ll take it. Every little bit counts!

The old Hope would have blown this money. The new Hope is laser focused on what bill I can pay or debt payment I can make with it!

Have you every had a tiny and unexpected windfall? How did it make you feel? And what did you do with it?