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Not-So-Patiently Waiting


Anybody out there in quarantine feel like they’re in “Groundhog Day”? Just repeating the same ol’ day again and again? We get up, eat breakfast, do school, cry about school, eat lunch, play, work, eat dinner, eat too many treats, take a walk, and then crash. And do all the same the next day. Rinse and repeat.

But really I think it’s because COVID-19 has us all waiting. Waiting for the economy to reopen, the pandemic to pass, the curve to flatten, the kids to stop bickering. So much waiting!

Close Call for a Small Business Loan

One thing that has us wringing our hands and not-so-patiently waiting, is standing by to hear about our Small Business Loan to help us get by while our business has to be closed.

Get this craziness:

We’re trying to participate in the Paycheck Protection Program from the U.S. Small Business Administration. This is loan for small businesses that helps keep their workers on payroll. SBA will forgive these loans if we only use this loan for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, and utilities.

To do this, you have to apply with your local bank to try to get the loan. As things have been rolling out, my husband has been working closely with our rep at the bank to know what to do.

About two weeks ago this rep let me husband know we needed to have all our paperwork together so we could apply on Monday, April 6. So he gathered everything and had it all set. But that Monday, our bank’s site crashed and the SBA site had problems. It was a bit of a fiasco.

We kept getting updates from our rep, and by Tuesday morning we still weren’t able to apply. My husband was out on a bike ride when he got the call—the site was up and ready. He booked it home, came in huffing and puffing, and applied as quick as he could.

So by Tuesday afternoon we had officially applied. But we heard that they got so many applications, that they had to stop accepting them by Wednesday at noon! Small business owners like us were turned away because they didn’t get it in immediately, and we can’t even process how they must be feeling. Ugh.

So it’s been over a week, and we still don’t even know if we were approved. But we feel lucky we got to try!

Me feeling totally normal on a grocery trip

Some of the Waiting is Over

But lest I whine too much, we have had some good news:
– Our stimulus checks arrived this week! $2,900 to help us make ends meet.
– Our tax refund arrived last week, and it was more than we were expecting. We feel unbelievably grateful.
– We officially know the kids won’t be going back to school. It’s not good news really—my kids are so sad!—but at least we can stop wondering and worrying about it.

I know we’re all in this COVID-19 waiting game together, and I know I’m not the only one feeling SO. OVER. IT. So let’s just keep stumbling through, smiling behind our masks and forgetting what day it is.

Taking Hair Color Chances


Rumor has it, redheads are the last to go gray. My mother, also a natural redhead, didn’t start to gray until nearly 50. My hairstylist told me I wouldn’t have to worry about coloring my hair for decades.

I started going gray at 25.

So much for ‘decades’.

I started coloring my hair midway through my twenties and maintained my perfect shade of red for the next 15 years. I’ve never colored my own hair… that’s simply madness. I knew without a doubt I’d look like a terrible Ronald McDonald. When you mess up red, it’s never pretty.

I color my hair every 8-10 weeks. My hair was colored 10 weeks ago and my husband asked if I wanted him to color my hair. I declined. I was terrified. Then, last week on a conference call, one of my team members said, “I had no idea you had gray hair!”

The jig was up.

I immediately ordered one of those at home color kits from Madison Reed. I’m sure there are lots of other kits but my sister had used that one and it looked OK. The kit was just over $20, a steal compared to what I pay my hairstylist. I didn’t shop around, I’m sure there are cheaper coloring kits but, again, just sticking to what I knew someone else had used.

Last Friday night, after taking a couple shots of tequila, I sat in our kitchen while hubby colored my hair. Full disclosure, my husband’s mother is a hairstylist. He’s watched her color hair for decades. He’s never done it but I don’t consider him a rookie.

Friends… it… was… AWESOME. I LOVE it! When we cross the other side of this, I’m cutting my hair appointments in half! My husband can totally do it!

It took a while to get the color (obvious delays in shipping, etc) so if you are going to attempt coloring your own hair, I’d recommend you jump on it ASAP.




I’m just going to drop this bomb here… we were one of the more than 17 million folks who filed for unemployment. It’s gonna be fine. I’ll update next week…