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Technology to the Rescue


I sent Gymnast home on the train Monday night. I cried.

We won’t be together again until sometime this summer…but I do have him for the entire summer. He will once again spend part of the summer in Texas with my parents and part of the summer in Georgia with me.

But it’s so hard to miss the day to day with him, my baby.

Well, when he stepped off the train, there was no ride waiting to take him back to his dad’s house. And his dad was not answering the phone. He didn’t panic.

He walked over to a restaurant, thank God there were a few close and it wasn’t too late, and called me. I tried calling his dad a few times. But no answer.

Uber to the Rescue

Thankfully, I was able to book an Uber to pick him up at the restaurant and deliver him home – monitoring the trip the whole way. It was the first time I had ever used a car service that way. (We don’t have those services in the tiny town we live in.)

I am so grateful for the technology that allows me to monitor my kids via their phones and to book these types of services in these type of unexpected “emergency” situations. And I was doubly grateful that I didn’t even have to think twice about the extra $20 this cost me to get him safely home.

There was a time is the not so distant past that an extra and unexpected $20 would have caused a ripple effect.

I’m not sure what happened with his dad, but the important part is that he got home safely. (Although he was a bit freaked out by the conversation from the Uber driver, but I hope it was just him being antsy at the circumstances.)

We Tried…Goodwill Hunting


Yesterday was our last full day in Chicago. Gymnast got to miss a day of school to hang out with us, but went home on a commuter train last night

Princess wanted to use her money to purchase a Chicago sweatshirt. We each have a ‘novelty of choice’ when it comes to memorializing trips and adventures:

  • Mine is magnets everywhere we go, our refrigerator is covered
  • History Buff purchases glasses (like beer mugs,) not the kind you wear
  • Gymnast has a collection of snow globes
  • Princess likes sweatshirts
  • Sea Cadet does stickers or iron on patches
Chicago magnets

My magnets from this trip – The Windy City to represent how cold it is, the Willis Tower for the Sky Deck we visited and the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel – wonderful memories

But all the stores we visited…well, the sweatshirts were really expensive to the tune of $40-80 dollars. Yikes! After we visited the Willis Tower Skydeck, Princess suggested we visit a local Goodwill. (That’s my frugal daughter for you!)

But unfortunately, no Chicago anything there. I was shocked. I was sure we would find something there. So we are still out of luck with the sweatshirt she wants. If we don’t get snowed in tonight (4′ of snow expected, I imagine we will continue the hunt.)

Speaking of snowed in…I’m so grateful for a healthy emergency fund. Because being snowed in for more than a day will tip us over my budget for the trip. But we are all crossing our fingers we get out of here tonight.

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