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Insurance, thank you!


My entire family has traditional health insurance for the first time in many years. We’ve got a high deductible health insurance, dental and vision. It is causing a pretty penny, but the feeling of security on that front is really nice. It costs approximately $1,070 from my monthly income, but I am happy with my choices.

In addition, I am maxing out contributions to my HSA (my company contributes $1,200 and I will contribute $6,000.) It’s me and three of the kids on everything and I added History Buff for he insurance he does not currently get through his full time job.

And we’ve already put it to good use…several times.

Princess cut the tip of her finger off in welding class which landed us in the ER. (We tried an Urgent Care first, but they took one look and sent us off to the ER. No charge.) There wasn’t enough rescued of the tip that was caught off to sew it back on or enough skin to put in stitches. So she’s letting it heal as an open wound. Thank goodness for youth and quick healing.

The 10-12 hour work days have forced me to regular chiropractic visits. After the first visit with x-rays, each visit has been $45. Very reasonable and effective, in my opinion.

And we are all scheduled for our dental cleanings. Unfortunately, the closest dentist that takes our new insurance is right at an hour away.

I am so grateful for this new adventure and the opportunities and stability it has brought to our lives. It’s certainly a change and a lot of stress. But I continue to love my new job AND even better my newly hired assistant started this week so I anticipate getting a bit more stability with dedicated back up.


ER Bills! Oh My!


We were excited to switch to a Health Savings account for 2020.  It was a great gamble!  We didn’t have a single incident last year.  Of course, it made sense that we roll the dice again this year.  It crossed my mind to switch to an HMO in light of the pandemic but several of my close family members got and recovered from COVID, no hospital visit required.  My brother and sister both lost their sense of taste and smell but otherwise didn’t show any symptoms.  Perhaps my genetics, my healthy diet, and my exercise regimen would save me from a hospital visit?


So far, I’ve been safe from COVID (knock on wood).  I was so focused on avoiding hospital bills related to the pandemic that I didn’t think of other emergencies. *sigh* Like the one this week.  My husband was in Arizona and I was home alone with the two smallest kids.  I was exercising in the living room and heard the dreaded sound of a thump on the hardwood floor followed by a loud scream of a kid really, really hurt.  Turns out, my youngest was running across the floor wearing his socks and slipped.


Why does this stuff only happen when I’m by myself?!?!


I texted a quick photo of the injury to my brother, a paramedic, and asked if he thought stitches were required.  Instantly he responded ‘YES!!’  He recommended going Urgent Care since our local children’s hospital can take hours to be seen and it was already getting late into the night.  The doctor at Urgent Care told me I needed to go to the children’s hospital since he didn’t have the proper anesthetic for children. *bigger sigh*


Fortunately, my son is a rock star and he did great while they stitched up his face.  He’s going to be OK. Chicks dig scars right?!?  Unfortunately, I’m going to get not one but TWO hospital bills.  One from Urgent Care and one from the children’s hospital.  We have more in our HSA account than the annual maximum so I’m not worried about going into debt for it but it’s going to take a nice chunk out of what we built so far which is disappointing.  It’s a rough lesson to learn.  Next time, I’m going straight to the children’s hospital!!  More than anything, I’m just glad he’s OK.  Also, no more socks in the house. ; )