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My Landlord wants to Sell Our House


I got a call this week from our landlord of two years. He has been a fantastic landlord. The minute I have reported anything amiss, he arranges for it to be fixed. Our A/C has gone out 3 times. He’s replaced the hot water heater. He’s repaired a hole in the roof. And he’s replaced the exterior wall of the laundry room that was rotting.

He has let us paint inside and out. Let me landscape as I desired. Has said nothing about the extra car in the driveway since History Buff moved in. I couldn’t ask for a better landlord.

Are You Ready to Buy?

But he is older. And he is ready to get out of the properly management business. And he has been since we moved in here.

This week his question was, “are you ready to buy your house?”

Umm, awkward silence. As I go into panic mode that we will once again face housing issues. And we are so happy here in our small home, with our small yard.

But thank goodness, he is not looking for us to move out. But he does want to sell this home (he’s been selling off most of his homes to his renters it seems.)

Needless to say, I haven’t even thought of buying a home. I am very happy having someone else pay for all the repairs. But I am going to have to put some thought into this.

And yes, I can hear the collective gasp from the BAD community as I mention this, even through the internet.

The Emotional Side of Things

Now the thought of buying, this particular house, is rolling around in my head. Coupled with the thought of having to move again if he decides to sell and I don’t buy.

Princess, Gymnast and I have moved almost 10 times since my marriage failed 12 years ago. I do not want to move again…until I move into the home I will die in. I’m very much over moving.

Rental homes are very hard to come by here. And they are all OLD. Even this one was built in the 50s and hasn’t been updated since. So finding another house here may be really hard. And I have promised Princess we will not move (out of this area) until she graduated high school…two years from this coming May.

The Numbers Side of Things

I asked the landlord what he was looking to get for this house…$89,000. (I know he purchased it for $25,000 12ish years ago from looking at the property records.) And that seems really high to me based on location and condition of the house.

Again, built in the 50s, no updates. It’s 3 good sized bedrooms (well, 2 good sized bedrooms,) large living room (we’ve got it split in two to be a fourth bedroom and living room,) 1 1/2 baths (all original,) and a large eat in kitchen (also all original.) It’s still got a fuse box. There’s no ventilation in the full bath so the ceiling is always moldy. (We have to wipe it down with bleach every couple of weeks.) The driveway is cracking. And so on…you get the point.

So I think there’s some negotiating room…IF I thought about buying.

The bottom line is that this could be my forever home. It’s small enough for me to manage on my own when the kids leave. It’s one story which is my MUST HAVE in a forever home. And the other changes I would want made…I could do over time – add a dishwasher, add an ice maker, add a disposal and so on.

I’m not considering buying this house right now. But later on in the year…maybe. And I would love to hear the BAD communities thoughts on this.

Where should I be in my debt journey to even consider this? What other things should I take into account? What other questions would you ask?

Move Complete


I moved over Labor Day weekend and the move is now complete!

I’m about 90% settled into the new house. The kitchen was the first thing to be set up, then my room, the kids’ room, and living room. I’ll be using the 3rd bedroom as an office (the girls are sharing a room), but I don’t have any office furniture yet and am in no hurry to get any so it’s kind of in a state of disarray (I’ve been working in the kitchen at the bar). I’ve been keeping my move costs as low as possible, but random stuff still comes up. I left the router and modem so I had to buy a new one, for example (also – when TH did routers and modems start costing so much money? I thought that was going to be like a $20 purchase. Bahaha!)

But, where I ended up having to spend some money, I’ve been able to save in other places. My Mom gifted me a dresser for the girls’ room (side note: I initially wrote “my mom gifted us” and had to change it to “me.” Kinda sad….still getting used to the whole “solo” thing). And my sister/Dad (sis and I share POA for my Dad’s estate) gifted me the washer/dryer set. Woohoo! All the really important “big” stuff is complete.

The only “big” things remaining that I’ll need include: some type of coffee table for the living room (it’s looking pretty barren with a single couch and that’s it, but no rush on this), and eventually a desk and chair for the office. Thanks for the tip from a reader to check out the university’s surplus store! I’ve already seen several desk/chairs for really cheap (like, $25 for read wooden desk!). I don’t have a truck that can transport the big pieces at this point, and I’ve been fine working from the kitchen for now, so I’m just not worrying about setting up the office at this point. Maybe I’ll pick out a smaller desk or borrow a truck from a friend at some point. For now, I’m fine as-is.

It’s incredible how quickly the new place has come to feel like “home.” Even with no decoration, nothing on any walls, and still piles of boxes (albeit, in the office only), this place just feels like “mine.” I mean….I’m renting so technically it’s NOT even mine…I’m just a tenant. But it FEELS like mine. The girls and I made cookies one of our first days and took a plate over to the neighbors so we could introduce ourselves. Feels like our neighborhood.

I’m relieved with how well the transition has gone (knock on wood). I’m sure there will be tough times (emotionally), but right now we’re still flying high on the excitement of a new house, new neighborhood, new neighbors, new parks with new amenities, etc. etc. etc. Good times. <3

Happy Saturday!