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I have now created a budget that goes through the end of September. If nothing changes as far as my income, and I do get at least close to the predicted amount from unemployment, I will be able to cover all my regular bills without touching any more of my savings.

There is NO wiggle room in it. No allowance, no fun, no extra money. There’s also no clothing money, no lunch money (for when school starts) and nothing if something happens to my car. (There’s a clicking noise now that I’ve been told is innocuous but annoying at this point.)

What Does that Mean

This means, that I can not take a moment of down time. I can not doubt my path. I can not spend more time defending this plan. I must commit to something. I must commit to building.

In addition to my time management, I am dedicating some of my time to self improvement. Books on CD for the car, podcasts when I can and of course, reading.

I recently discovered Jay Shetty when this video was shared on Facebook. I’ve never been much for caring what “so and so” does. But this video made sense to me in light of my time is currency thoughts.

Going My Way

I continue to pick up more work. I am getting a chance to do new work. I am writing a lot.

I am gaining my confidence back, learning to say no. Working on charging what I’m worth, not what I feel is safe. (I have a long way to go in this aspect.)

I am learning to use new language. I am learning to explain things differently to my children.

Instead of saying “we don’t have the money for that,” I am learning to say “there are better ways to use the money we have.”

I am making wiser decisions on using my time in my day to day life.

And I’m learning to be confrontational and stand up for myself bit.

I am Listening

I really appreciate the BAD community’s patience with me. I appreciate the continued advice. I appreciate the continue encouragement.

Change is hard. But if anything the last year taught me how important saving is, saving every time you get money.






Guess what, friends! I got a promotion!

Here I am, signing my new contract!


Woo!!! The promotion doesn’t come with a raise. Actually – remember when I negotiated my giant raise last year? At the time, I’d asked for this promotion and I was told that I would be put up for the promotion but it’s a long process. First it’s voted on by our departments’ faculty (which was approved this past August), and then its sent off to the college, and finally the provost for approval. It was a long process, but I finally got approval so I received my updated contract with my new title/position! It took over a year in total, but that’s academia for you! Ha! Nothing changes fast!

At any rate, I was pretty pumped just for the official title change (my raise went into effect in August, so I technically already received the increased salary component).

And more good news – remember when I mentioned a big career opportunity back in January? I got that too! I’m now officially the recipient of this big (to me) faculty fellowship. It basically means more work, but I will receive additional compensation and a course release, and I’ll be working on a bit of a passion project so I’m super excited about that! The announcement was made at a conference last month, but an official email announcement was sent out to the faculty community today. I’ve already had several meetings about it and am planning all kinds of fun things related to the fellowship in the coming months and academic year.

For those who have known about my mental health struggles, this has been a huge boon for me. I’m still not where I want to be psychologically speaking. But my spirits have really been buoyed here in recent months and I am beyond grateful for the successes I’ve had at work. Especially as an early career faculty member, I do not take these things for granted.

Thanks for sticking by me on life’s wild ride! Here’s to knocking out some more debt along the way! 😉