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Mental Health & Money


My mental well-being has been challenged in ways that I have never experienced before and I am struggling on every front as a result. It has affected my parenting, my work, my finances, my decision making…my whole entire existence. (Yes, it is related to my now 4 year old relationship.)

As a result, I have spent money I had no plans to spend…two trips out of town. One literally decided and planned the same day.

I am fighting to keep my faith and joy in a relationship that has been so strong and such a pivotal turn in my life, but I am drowning at the same time.

Emotions overwhelm me and I’m so isolated when it comes to “adult” stuff. This has been really, really hard. Like walking through a fog all the time.

I can relate so well to Beks recent posts on stress spending, aloneness and such. While I haven’t really shopped, I have certainly spent money that I didn’t plan on and more than that, without any type of planning.

Every day I feel like I’m going to bounce back and be myself again, take on my to do list that is so far behind and catch up at work. And every day, I fail. Like miserably.

I’ve cut my hair off (see picture above), thanks to my daughter who is in cosmetology school.

I cancelled the unused gym membership.

I’ve opened and closed my budget worksheet so many times that it’s just stupid.

I’m floundering, big time.

But I’ll get through this too. Just wanted to jump on and let you know the reason for my MIA status. Prayers appreciated. I’m slowly making my way back to being me again.

Another Hiccup


My husband was scheduled to finish one last remodel job in California and then head out to meet me in Texas. We hoped the job would be complete by November 18th but knew it might drag on through the end of the month as remodels sometimes do. It was a pretty big job with a nice payday and I was excited to have a financial course correction after the craziness of the last two months.

Then things went wrong with my health.

Without going into the details (no, not COVID), I ran into some crummy stuff that I couldn’t manage well on my own. I called my husband and completely fell apart talking about it and he immediately cancelled the job. He packed up the kids and hit the road the next day. They are now in Texas.

I’m disappointed with myself and I’m disappointed with the situation. I’m frustrated. I’m super happy to have my kids, super happy to have some help with the health stuff, but I’m really stressed about the status of my checking account.

Our California house went on the market last weekend. We have multiple offers but our agent hasn’t shared the numbers yet which makes me think they are under asking price. Ugh. We’ve be warned not to go too close to Thanksgiving since buyers dry up over the holidays so we may have to take one of the offers that isn’t quite what we hoped.

We knew this year was going to be a hit to the finances and we’ve got to find ways to crack down on spending over the next 12 months BUT have you ever tried to move to a new city and not see it!? This is going to be a rough go.