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It’s Been a Year since He Went Away


This is more of a personal update and while this event had significant financial implications, I am not discussing them in this post.

It was one year ago today that I prepared to say good bye to Gymnast as he left to move in with his dad. He enjoyed a final Halloween at my Grandmother’s and left early the next morning to drive to Illinois with his dad. I HATED it! I was devastated.

And I spent Halloween night crying in the dark of my room. Already missing my baby and plotting the demise of his dad. (Just being honest.) As hard as raising Gymnast alone had been up to that point, I was not ready for him to leave. I would have never chosen that. I didn’t think he would have either.

But Now…

I know that move was the best thing that could have happened for all of us! I was able to turn my focus to the other kids. Gymnast had taken over my life, all of our lives really. And Gymnast has been able to grow and mature in a way I was not able to help him with.

Our relationships are beginning to heal – mine and Gymnast, the twins and Gymnast and Princess and Gymnast. It has not been an easy road. The years leading up to the move were not easy. But I think we have all turned a corner.

As I look back on that very dark time, I am grateful for the lessons and growth we have all gone through this year. But I would never, ever wish the separation of a family on anyone.

Tonight I celebrate a year of change and growth. I went into it kicking and screaming and crying and terrified. And here I stand, proud and happy, we have overcome so much, together and separate. I am truly blessed.

Finally…Cooler Weather!


We FINALLY have the windows and doors open and the air conditioning OFF! And at this point, based on the weather forecast, I have no plans to turn it back on. I am praying this tolerably warm/cooler weather lasts at least a month.

I look forward to that electric bill!

How about your area of the country? Are you dealing with a hotter than normal October? Or is it starting to cool down for you as well. I LOVE FALL WEATHER!

Sweatshirts and shorts, pants and sweatshirts, anything and sweatshirts…this is my kind of weather! And I’m so thankful that I have NO ONE I have to buy fall clothes for! Princess uniform covers the colder weather. (I did break down and add a sweatshirt to the uniform I had already purchased her, but she doesn’t know it yet.)

We are just in a completely different place this year with the private school, the uniform and only one younger child at home. As much as I knew in my head that this year would be different financially, I didn’t realize just how different it would feel. And look to my bottom line!

I definitely have moments that I look back to having all four kids at home, the daily 2 hour commutes to gymnastics training and weekend travels to competitions and miss that adventure filled life. But then I return to this time, the quiet, the steady, slower schedule and am grateful for where we are today.

Volleyball ends this week. And it’s a short school week. So I’m looking forward to some breathing time this coming weekend. Sometime to take a good hard look at my finances and consider my options.