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How to Save Money on Baby Gear


Having your first baby is an extremely exciting and stressful time in every person’s life. Besides going through the process of learning to be a parent and coping with little to no sleep, you’ve also got to budget for all kinds of new baby accessories. Believe it or not, a little human can actually be pretty expensive, even if you work for a noteworthy company like Rapid Permits or Apple. But fear not, as there are lots of ways you can save money on future baby equipment. 


Reusable Products

The way your baby flies through diapers and other products, it’s a real hassle having to go back out and drop money each and every week for yet another round of Huggies. This is why it’s a great idea to round up as many reusable items as you can get your hands on. For instance, purchasing an abundance of cloth diapers that can be cleaned and resued is much easier on your wallet than a mountain of diapers each week. This also goes for breast pads or washable liners for your diaper deposit. The more items you’re able to reuse, the more you’ll save in the long run. 


Buy in Bulk

You’re going to need diapers—and lots of them. The best way to save money on a lot of items that your baby will need is to buy them in bulk. If you’re going to need hundreds of diapers anyway, why not get as many as you possibly can? There are lots of stores that offer bulk item sales—such as Sam’s Club—which will not only save you a trip back to the store but a good chunk of change, too. This can also be done with baby formula and toiletries, like baby shampoo and baby powder.


They Grow Up so Fast

The old saying is true, no matter how hard it makes our eyes roll. With that in mind, it seems almost ridiculous that you should have to spend hundreds of dollars on baby clothes just for them to outgrow them all within six months. Instead, it’s much more affordable to look for ways where you can get used clothing for your precious little bundle of joy. Checking in with friends that might still have old baby clothes, visiting online parent groups, and checking in with family members are all great ways to find used clothes that are still in great condition. While you’re at it, why not borrow or purchase used cribs and strollers from your friends and family as well!


Take it a Diaper a Day

Learning to take care of a baby and manage everything else in your life can be a lot to deal with all at once, and freaking out over the cost of baby formula shouldn’t be thrown onto the pile as well. By using these tips, you’ll save yourself a pretty penny on just about anything you could possibly need for the newest member of your family.

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