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Bullseye on Financial Goal #3


I took a few months detour off my current financial goal of paying off my car: Financial Goal #3 of this year. I was distracted by a month long battle with COVID and then buying my house.

But I am back to it and as of this month, the current amount owed on my car is $9,062.37.

Now if you are following along, you know this total should be lower since my minimum payment has been $2,000 per month. But I promise the difference is not my fault. My cousins, who are handling my uncle’s finances these days, lost a check. After a couple of months of waiting for them to cash it and watching them cash more recent payments, I reached. They don’t know where it is.

So we agreed that I would stop payment on that check and then just resend the payment again. I haven’t resent it, so I added it back to balance owed.

Still On Track

That being said, I am still planning to pay off the car by September. In fact, I am so committed to this plan that I have pre-scheduled all the payments! They should receive my final payment on September 15th!!!! Score!

I will then be down to my last debt…my student loans. The countdown is on.

Side note: Gymnast gets his drivers license tomorrow. My last baby is ready for his wings. I knew this was coming and have been budgeting for the increase in insurance…$150ish extra per month. But I’m hoping to counterbalance this increase next month when Princess leaves for college. Since she is not taking a car, I am told I can get a reduction in my insurance. We shall see!


  • Reply Cwaltz |

    Shouldn’t that be student loan, as in singular? What happened to the other car loan for the car that Beauty bought? And don’t you have a mortgage now?

    It’s been months since your last real financial update where you basically show us all the numbers.

      • Reply Angie |

        I thought you paid off your smaller student loan early on in 2021? Wasn’t it your first financial goal?

        Either way, it would be interesting to hear what priorities changed.

        • Reply Hope |

          Ha! You are right, blonde moment or COVID brain. I was thinking I broke down the loans this year but that post was from 2020. I remember writing it but time has kind of run together. Blaming my COVID brain! But you are absolutely right. Only one is left.
          I just haven’t looked at them in ages since that payment is on minimum payment and auto-deducts.

  • Reply Den |

    You are juggling a lot of balls…..glad to see you are focused on paying off that car loan!

  • Reply Shanna |

    Having sent 3 off to college who had cars they left at home for the first year, our reduction was based on them attending colleges further than 100 miles from home. Hopefully it will offset your son’s driving increase!

  • Reply Cwaltz |

    I’m confused again because in your January 2021 Debt Update your first student loan was zero. You had a balance on the second of $19,242.59 but had paid the first off. Your Honda HRV had a balance of $12,769.08 and you were aiming to pay $1600 a month. I get that house buying probably threw things a little off, I also suspect having COVID even with decent insurance also took its toll, I wouldn’t be surprised if launching two young girls into adulthood also cost money but without updates I suspect I am not the only one confused by this post and wondering how the car only went down a little over $3000 in Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun and Jul and why student loans are plural again.

    A mortgage is debt. Generally it is looked upon favorably because as you pay it down it becomes an asset you can utilize if needed and if you pay it down as you age it means that your costs will hopefully go down leaving you with property taxes instead of a mortgage. That being said its still debt.

So, what do you think ?