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  • Reply Janet |

    Another pointless post from Hope. I’m afraid this blog has run it’s course…there’s nothing close to “blogging away debt” going on here.

    • Reply Hope |

      I’m not sure why this is pointless. The point is that I have really grown and I will not being going back into debt for what could be catastrophic for me. I am better prepared then ever before.

      • Reply Canadian_Sadie |

        Janet, I don’t see why you feel the need to make pointless jabs at Hope’s expense–perhaps you didn’t realize how harshly your comment would come across to strangers.

        Hope has made enormous strides to be in a safe position where a predictable expense isn’t a potentially income threatening emergency. She’s got EVERY right to be proud of this moment.

        If you genuinely don’t feel there’s anything here of value to you (the blog is free–and the bloggers put their lives on display for your entertainment) then perhaps you should seek out something else to read.

        I hope people offer you more grace in your life than you showed to Hope in this comment.

  • Reply Rosemary |

    Hope, I don’t see this post as pointless at all. You have come a long way if we take the time to look back at your beginning here. It is great that you have also applied saving to your business as well and can afford to update your computer without going into debt.

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