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Paying All the Bills – It Feels Good


I spent some time last night, going over my finances, making plans for next quarter and just generally reviewing my financial status. This was prompted by a record breaking income week this past week…woohoo!

But anyways, as I was doing this walk through my finances, I logged on to each of my bill sites. And all of them have a $0 balance. I’m not behind on anything. I don’t owe any late fees.

And yes, I know this is where I’ve been the last year or so. But I still don’t take it for granted. I am so grateful for it.

There’s just something about being able to pay your bills on time, even if you don’t have much left over afterwards, that is so freeing. And after years of not being able to do that, I feel so blessed every time I receive a bill and I can just log on and pay it.

Because of my non-paying client, I am not where I wanted to be or planned to be this month or year end. But I’m in a better place than I thought I would be after taking a $4,000 hit.

I’m going into the year end and new year with high hopes of doing even better next year than I have this. With the knowledge that persistence and hard work do pay off. And knowing that I can do this.

I’m gunning for my last two debts…car loan and student loans. There is nothing I want more then for them to be gone. I’m ready for whatever comes next as I face the last year of having a child at home in school (at least high school.) Lots of changes coming and I’m open to whatever the future holds.



  • Reply Cynthia |

    Hope, you keep mentioning your non-paying client in your posts, but I doubt that person is reading here. I would encourage you to contact a lawyer to draft a demand letter to your non-paying client. It is an inexpensive way to show that you are serious about collecting what you are owed. I know that historically you have accepted and gone along with some things that you didn’t think were fair (the tax debt, for example), when speaking up forcefully for your rights would put you in a much better financial place. Please consider doing it now, or at least refrain from continuing to gripe about it here if you are truly unwilling to take those steps, because the commentariat will continue to urge you to take REAL action.

  • Reply Laura |

    Wonderful! Have you got the tuition money for Princess? I think you said a payment was due in January.

    • Reply Meghan1227 |

      I think the January tuition was due when Hope was planning to make payments. Since a family member offered to help pay in full, there should not be another payment due until she starts her next school year.

      That being said, Hope has been encouraged to set money aside monthly for next years tuition and stated that she was going to wait until January to start focusing on that.

  • Reply SMS |

    If you got this non-paying client through Upwork, have you contacted them? I have no idea what they would do, if anything, but perhaps the client hired others and did not pay them.

    • Reply Hope |

      He was not obtained via Upwork, but rather through a LinkedIn consultant request. So I have no means to hold him accountable that way.

    • Reply Awe |

      I am also baffled that you continue to complain about the client who didn’t pay but have not done much. Or have you? Please fill us in

    • Reply Hope |

      Since the bill was due Nov 1, I had to give him adequate time to pay or respond to my numerous inquiries. I will decide on the next course of action over the holidays.

  • Reply Anonymous |

    A bit off topic, but are there still plans for your boyfriend to move eventually? Have you spent much time together in person and know that your financial goals align?

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes! We are still going strong and very much in alignment. But for now we are still maintaining very strict, independent finances. But we have spoken ad nauseum about goals and the future. Thanks for asking.

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