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Wedded Bliss on a Budget: 5 Tips for How to Save Money on a Wedding


Achieving the wedding of your dreams shouldn’t strip your wallet clean, not when there are multiple options available within a budget you can manage.

Whether you dream of being married indoor or outdoor, with or without a wedding party, you can have it all with a few minor adjustments. Keep reading to discover how to save money on a wedding without risking the elegance.

1. Consider Alternative Menu Options

Cheap wedding food ideas don’t have to be tasteless or tacky. Whether you decide to opt for catering, buffet, or a family-style menu, you can thrill your guests’ palates affordably.

An affordable and popular choice for bohemian weddings is BBQing up burgers and hot dogs for your guests. Another option would be to schedule your reception for the evening. Celebrating after dinner means you can get away with serving heavy hors d’oeuvres instead of a full sit-down meal. Fruits and veggie trays, mini cucumber sandwiches, and cheese squares are acceptable options.

When it comes to the bar, consider sticking to only beer and wine. Or, serve a signature cocktail instead of multiple choices.

2. Use Your Connections to Find an Affordable Venue

When you envision your wedding day, you plan out the venue and décor. What happens when the venue you always wanted is too expensive? You can open your mind to a more affordable choice.

Turn to friends and family with land for an outdoor wedding. Or, choose a local restaurant that will give you a discount. When you use your connections, you have a higher chance of finding the perfect venue for your big day. Some couples will be married at the courthouse and splurge on the reception.

3. How to Save Money on a Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes cost $450 on average. When the one you’re cutting in pictures doesn’t have to feed all your guests. That price seems like a bit of a stretch when you’re on a budget.

You should look at shorter ones or dress up a store-bought cake. If you don’t like cake, pick a non-traditional dessert to save hundreds.

4. Go with a Venue that Doesn’t Need Décor

Believe it or not, but you don’t have to buy any décor for your wedding when you choose the right venue. For a classical touch, rent a historical building from your local city. Often, art from local museums and artists will be on display.

5. DIY Wedding Invitation Templates and More

Not everything needs to be DIY, but you can save money by doing a few things yourselves. For instance: you or a loved one can deejay, build your own photo booth, and create your own invitations with wedding invitation templates.

Happily Ever After

With the tips shared today, you should now know how to save money on a wedding without sacrificing beauty or sophistication. You can visit our blog to learn more about how to get out of debt, other ways to save money for your wedding, and also how to manage finances.

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